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I have spent the last week going in circles trying to find this story. I can only remember one scene clearly, Bucky goes back to a Hydra site (the bank I think) and finds the chair. He picks up the rubber mouthguard and cuts the handle(?) off it so that he can close his lips around it. He then destroys the chair, and leaves.  He chews/holds the mouthguard in his mouth for comfort/grounding.

I think he was searching down what was left of Hydra to destory them. Sam and Steve were following him/ also trying to destroy Hydra... (I'm not sure which)
It would have been on AO3.

Lost fic?

Jul. 18th, 2016 08:27 pm
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Hello All,
A while ago I read this fic and I want to reread it, the problem, as you might have guessed, is that I forgot the title and author. The only thing I can think of that makes it stand out, is this: Bucky is watching over Steve and says something to Sam and Sam says to Bucky, "Barnes do you think this is not real?" And Bucky says that this must be a dream. And Sam has this thought that he has seen this before, 'this can't have happened to me, this is not my life.'
This fic has been driving me crazy and I can't find it. Help please, my sanity needs you.
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I'm looking for a fic where there is a lab accident where Bruce accidentally de ages Bucky/steve/darcy.
they slowly re-age up.
Natasha and Sam Wilson take on mom and daddio roles.
it had heavy polyamorous implications.
It had a cameo of tutor spiderman/peter parker.

it was awesome and I really want to read it again.

please thank you
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I am looking for a Darcy/Steve/Bucky de-aged fic.
I think Darcy and Steve were dating but Bucky wasn't happy about it.
Bruce had a accident in the lab and they all got de-aged (not bruce he turned into the hulk)
Natasha and Sam took on mom and daddio roles.
it was really sweet.
the 3 main ended up slowly aging up.
it had major polyamorous tones, but they were down played as DARCY/steve/bucky are young kids for most of the fic.
there was uncle tony and guest cameo by tutor spiderman.
I really want to read it again now that I can't find it.

please help.
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I'm looking for fics that focus on Steve, Natasha and Sam and the time they spend together between Winter Soldier and Civil War. :) Clearly they worked together a lot, because their team work at the beginning of Civil War was really beautiful.

Gen or any pairing, slash or hetero or poly is all fine with me, as long as it's not a PWP.
I would love to read long-ish fics where they just idk, get to know each other better, bond, work together, stitch each other up post-mission, share beds and tents and safehouses, train together, start to become a real team etc. I especially love h/c and stuff dealing with the fact that all three have suffered a lot and have probably PTSD.
I also love Wanda, so fics including Wanda are also very welcome. <33
(I'm not that keen on Bucky - it's fine if he appears or gets mentioned, but I'm not looking for fics that focus on Bucky or Stucky.)

Thanks in advance! :)
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I'm looking for a Helen Cho/Natasha fic. I don't remember much of the plot, only that it was fluffy and sweet.

I'm also looking for any Natasha/Sam stories where they are the focus of the story.
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Just found this com, so I'm hoping I'm doing this right.

Does anyone have any post Captain America: Civil War fics that don’t woobify either Tony Stark or Bucky? (or more specifically, that don’t make either Tony or Cap the bad guy. Preferably no fics claiming Steve Rogers is arrogant, that’s an instant no for me.

Extreme bonus points for fics where someone calls Tony out for bringing a child into a battle. Like say, where Cap finds out that Spider-Man is only 15, and is pissed of, both with himself, and with Tony, for a child being put in danger like that.

In fact, I’d love any Spider-Man centric post Civil War fics (and none that pair him up with adults, like say Deadpool) Also please no ‘reader’ fics, also an instant pass.

That and anything with T-challa, Sam or Rhodey in a major role would be awesome. It’s just so hard to find any character specific fics on ao3
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Sadly, I think this was deleted so if anyone has a copy i will w e e p.

It was an AU where Steve, who I think was a lawyer, and Bucky (a barista?), are having strains in their relationship. Steve is looking after Peggy, who's been depressed and it makes him neglect Bucky to the point where he considers leaving Steve. Natasha gets freaked out at this and she recruits Sam to help rope them into a surprise roadtrip to get them back together.

At some point, Bucky confesses to Steve that he's thinking of going on a break and of course Steve is heartbroken.

The fic only had about two chapters but I think it was deleted from AO3. Anyone at least have a name/author?
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My laptop has died and all I have is my phone! Anyone have some good Hulk stories they love? Sense of humour? Protecting anyone in the team? Showing off his inner 'Bruce'?? Giving Tony grief for poking Bruce with a stick?? Gen/team preferred but not too picky.

Actually are there any where Hulk finds Vision familiar due to him knowing his (JARVIS's) voice??
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I just read American Patrol by Copperbadge (an author I highly rec) again where someone attempted to hack Jarvis, shutting down the tower completely, but was defeated in a 30 hour cyber battle with Stark, Banner, and a team trained by Tony just for such an event .  I wondered if there were any other fics where someone tried to hack Jarvis in what would be considered murder or kidnap if he was human.

In a search of AO3 for anything like the above story, I came across a synopsis where Stark is on trial for rape.  Since I really could see Tony Stark raping anyone, I wondered if there were any other stories where an Avenger, or a member of the "family" was accused and put on trial for a crime that those that know them know they'd never do, even though the evidence my be strong.  Something like Steve accused of rape or murder.  Or Jane or Darcy for treason.
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Hi! I was wondering if there were any fics out there dealing with how Steve can't take painkillers because they don't work. Anything is good and if there are any that have someone trying to find a way to develop pain meds for Steve that would be great too. Thanks!
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Are there any fics dealing with pre-serum Steve’s health issues in the modern day? I would love to find any fics where Steve gets reverted to skinny Steve and he is SICK! Any length or pairing , but only fics with a happy ending please 
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Hello friends!

I've lost a Bucky- (maybe Stucky-?) centric fic that I don't believe I ever finished. All I can remember is that Bucky as the Soldier was conditioned to have certain responses to certain foods. In one scene, Steve encourages him to eat I think it was potatoes? or something at a diner, and Bucky thinks Steve read about the conditioning in his file and is telling him to vomit for some mission-reason, so he eats, and then does. Steve and Sam(?) are horrified (as is, presumably, the lady who has to clean up the diner).

Anyone remember? Thank you in advance!
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I can't find three Steve-centered things that I'm sure were on tumblr, which is a nightmare to try and search.

1) An old historical facts type post, about how the ring-pull tabs on fizzy drink cans were invented during the time Steve was in the ice. It was illustrated with a chibi of Steve squinting suspiciously at a can/ring pull.

2) A short fic set after the Avengers- Steve has just moved to DC, and decides (or maybe is nudged by Natasha?) that he's not going to repeat his sadness errands from between CAtFA and TA. He starts by braving a shopping mall to get new trainers, although initially he asks for something practical/hardwearing/resilient and gets offered something like crocs before going through the process of being measured & fitted for proper running shoes. The ficlet ended after he's got the shoes, on his first morning run around the National Monument when he sees another guy out running, segueing into the meeting with Sam at the beginning of the Winter Soldier.

3) I thought this might be an Imagine Steve post, although I can't find it on their blog. It was a prompt or headcanon 'what-if'; about how what would happen if the Serum functioned so that Steve could revert back to his pre-Serum state mostly at will, but it would happen involuntarily if he was particularly stressed or worn out. With all the stress post-WS of the fall of Shield & trying to find Bucky, he reverts back and that's when Natasha comes over to see him and finds out. I'm not sure if it ended on a suggestion of using him in his smaller form to try and lure Bucky out.
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Sam was addressing Darcy as Mrs. and was the only one who could do that. Everyone was wondering the nature of there relationship. I think Riley was her husband that got kia.
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I've seen this in real life (usually with kids), and in movies.  I've seen thin in other fanfic fandoms (The Sentinel and Magnificent Seven, to name two).  I'm wondering if this has been done for the Avengers.  It could be after a battle, on the trip back home.  Or maybe after a long day and they get together to go out to dinner.  The team/group gets to their destination or they're almost there, when someone thinks to do a headcount and realizes somebody is missing.  One of them was lagging behind, or in the bathroom maybe, and got left behind withoug someone noticing for the longest time.  What happens then?  Do they rush back, embarrassed and ashamed or do they say "fuck it, we'll worry about it later, he/she didn't want to be with us anyway."

The thought came up while reading the extras for the First Impressions and Second Chances series where Tony Stark isn't wanted on the team and every friendly gesture and gift from him is met with scorn and finally violence.  But the outside/forgotten person doesn't have to be Stark; it could be any one of them.  (I'd love to see Darcy kick ass and take names if the group went out for a "family" dinner and forget she was in her apartment changing clothes or something and came back to the common floor to find it empty.)   Or maybe the team goes to some event and the press is there as they get out of the limo and they're asked "Hey, where is (whoever) and they realize they've forgotten someone.
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I remember a scene where Tony is watching a video feed from Steve's room, and Sam and Steve start to have sex. He knows he shouldn't watch but just stays there. At some point he makes popcorn. He slowly becomes aware of the Winter Soldier in the room, watching with him. It's clear that Bucky is there watching to protect Steve. Bucky also isn't quite sure what he's watching, so he asks Tony if it looks like Steve is enjoying himself. Tony affirms this, and they keep watching. I think it was after an Avengers party?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

ETA: yay, found! Thanks anon!

Breaking News, by astolat
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This is an offshoot of sorts for a search for a lost story in a different fandom that didn't work out.  I got to thinking I'd like to see this story line in the Avengers.  The first characters I thought of was Steve and Tony in a relationship.  When Bucky comes back into Steve's life he leaves Tony in his dust.  How does he react; how much does he care of is hurt?  How does the team react?  Did they even know they were a couple?  How does it affect the team, how they work together or socialize?  This story could be any couple + 1.  Tony leaves Steve for Pepper.  Or Bruce.  Pepper leaves Tony for Phil.  Any three or more from the Avengers family.

I'm just tagging the possible characters.  I'll take any pairings in that circle.

I do recall one story has Steve so intent on searching for Bucky, he forget about Tony.  Not breaking up with him, just mindlessly not being there for events or his birthday or their first anniversary, something like that.  Anybody know which one that was?
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I'm sure I've read in a story somewhere that Steve recognised/was humming along with a song and when asked how he knew it, it came out that Sam had made him a breakup mixtape/playlist for the fall of Shield, and whoever he was talking to (Natasha or Tony?) wondered what you'd include in a mix for breaking up with a clandestine government agency.

I know this is super vague, but does it ring any bells with anybody?

Found: Executive Party by Copperbadge
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I'm looking for an AU fic, where Bucky was the one on Red Skull's plane, and is found by SHIELD. But it diverges before that - the SSR puts Steve in cryogenic stasis, and Bucky is told Steve died. Then, somehow Steve is released or escapes and runs into Sam WIlson (literally, I think Sam was out fo a run). Steve doesn't remember anything of his past; also, he's still skinny. Sam takes him in, tries to help guide him in remembering some things. It may have been Steve/Bucky.

I know I saw it on AO3, and I think it had 6 chapters? I've gone through the bucky as Cap tag on AO3 and done several searches and have had no luck.

Thanks for your help.
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I've seen many stories dealing with homophobia (and could always do with a new one, hint hint), but don't think I've come across any that deals with racism.  Either against blacks (Sam and Rhodey), or against Natasha for being Russian or Thor for being from 'some place else'.  Distrust either within the team, from inside Shield, or the press and/or the public.  Okay, I have seen, once or twice, the press showing suspicion of the Russian Natasha, but just in passing, as a passing gossipy type headline and not in any actions or open hostility.  I've never seen any stories where there is objections to have Iron Patriot/War Machine or Falcon on the team.  Maybe someone questioning how Captain American, and American Icon, can stand working with those black boys or that girl...she's just eye candy yadda yadda yadda.  Or even having the 'token girl' on the team, either Natasha or Hill.  (I just can not see anyone getting in Fury's face, calling him a nig...nope, can't see that happing.)
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I am looking for any story that has Steve Rogers dealing with the press.

I am also looking for any story where the Avengers find out that they don't really know Steve Rogers. Any story where people find out that there is only a Captain America because there's a Steve Rogers.

Also, any story where Steve can lift or more Thor's hammer would be great as well.

Thank you in advance for any help.
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With the six Avengers and all the people around them that be counted as part of the team or support, somebody might have used this plot line for this fandom.  I read this originally in an X-Files story.  I do remember that it had the central four characters: Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and Krycek, but it's been several years since I read it so I don't remember who dumped who to be with who, so I'll just refer to any four as A, B, C, and D.

A and B are dating/sleeping together/living together, whichever.  A is totally in love with B.  C, who has been away/missing/out of the picture, suddenly shows back up.  B and C used to be together and B is still in love with C.  B throws A over to get back with C.  A is broken hearted but leaves quietly, knowing he was second choice anyway.  After a short, but intense time, D pops back in the picture. C is in love with D, only getting with B because D wasn't around.  C leaves B for D, same as B did to A.  After a length of time, D decides he cannot deal with C's intensity/crazyness/neediness/whatever and ends the relationship.  Brokenhearted, C goes back to B, who is ready to dump A again.  (Actually, I think somewhere along the line the dumped one get fed up with the whole thing and tells the returning ex to shove it.)  Get the picture?  I hope this isn't as confusing to you as it's becoming to me.  It's basically a vicious game of musical lovers, with uncaring lovers and broken hearts all around.

Goddess, I really don't want to tag every possible pairing that can come out of this...
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I'm looking for a story that was either on ao3 or tumblr.

Bucky was (I think) staying with Steve and Sam, recovering from being the Winter Soldier. In the scene I remember, Sam had written something down for him, a phone number or address or something, even though Bucky insisted he didn't need it/could remember the details without it and as soon as Sam gave him the note he read it and then stuffed it in his mouth, eating the paper to dispose of the information on it. Sam was telling him don't you dare/that's disgusting but Steve was just amused by it and I think said if it upset his stomach it was his own fault.

Anyone recognise this?

Found it!
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Hi all, I'm looking for a specific Steve/Tony fic I read on AO3. I think it's a fairly recent fic and set post-Cap 2. Everyone has moved to the tower, including Sam Wilson. I don't remember if Bucky was there (he may have been or they may have still been searching for him). I do know that it was somewhat slow-build between Steve and Tony. They were fighting all the time, and I remember one specific scene between Steve and Sam where Sam advises Steve to, basically, stop rising to the bait Tony put down and instead react as if Steve actually wanted to try being friends with Tony. Sort of a "you'll catch more flies with honey" approach to being Tony's friend, or at least not fighting with him. This strategy pays off, and Steve and Tony eventually stop fighting so much, gradually become friends, and then realize a mutual attraction.

[identity profile] beastofthenight.livejournal.com
All I can remember is that Steve and Sam find Bucky (possibly Bucky comes to them) a couple of days after the events of Winter Soldier. He hasn't eaten, doesn't remember that he has too, and when they feed him he throws up. They have to be really careful with introducing new foods to his diet and at some point JARVIS is asked to keep a list of stuff Bucky can eat without throwing up.
Eventually Sam cooks a dozen different pies and Bucky is really happy because he can eat all of them without being ill.

It was on AO3 but my history on there is
ridiculously full  and I can't find it :(

[identity profile] caedesdeo.livejournal.com
I'm looking for two separate fics:

1) I can only remember one scene from this one: Sam, Steve and Bucky have been out running/jogging in a park, and I think either Sam and Bucky gang up to try to flick water on Steve or Steve and Bucky try to flick it onto Sam from bottles they'd taken with them. Steve intercepts a bottle the others throw and makes as if he's going to pour it over Sam before just dumping it over his own head instead, laughing at their reactions to him now being sopping wet. Basically just the three of them having a mini water fight and being happy.

2) After CAtWS, Bucky disappears, goes to Ireland and essentially settles down there, waiting for Steve to come find him based on something he remembered from during the war/their childhoods. Steve gets there to find Bucky's pretty much made a home for them.
Found in comments
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Hey All,

I was rewatching CA:TWS and got reminded of a Steve/Bucky fic I read ago, but for the lfe of me can't find. It was set just after the end of CA:TWS with Bucky deal with his time as the Winter Soldier. What I remember specifically is that Bucky had found his way to Steve's house and was hanging around on the roof listening into the convesations he had with Sam Wilson (??) and after a while Steve realized Bucky was there. I think Bucky would come into one of the bedrooms and sleep sometimes and Steve would leave things for him to use/eat. I am about 99% sure I read it on AO3 and that it was a longer fic (at least 30,000 words). I'm hoping you all can help me find it!

Thanks in advance!! :-D

Fan boy Sam

Nov. 1st, 2014 09:40 pm
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Hello! Is there any fic out there where Sam goes all fan - boy over Tony? Like OMG you armour???? Or something kept soldiers alive for him to rescue.
(Will tag when not on phone)

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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I've been seeing a lot of fics where Sam comforts other people, but I'm really looking for one where Sam gets hurt/his PTSD flares up/anything like that, and other people (Steve, the Avengers, whatever) comfort him. Can be pairing or gen.
Anybody got any recommendations?
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So im looking for a few things...

1) Any avengers daemon Fics that ARENT on ao3 cause I'm pretty sure I've read all those.

2) I watches IM2 again the other day so now i want any tics where Pepper and/or Happy and/or Jarvis know Natasha as natalie and possibly don't trust her.

3) Any AUs where the avengers are kids. Not deaged.

4) Natasha has MAJOR trust issues. Usually they're all about Tony.

5) something where they find out someone (other than steve (hopefully natasha)) is much younger or maybe just younger then everyone else.

6) If anyone watches Agents of SHIELD, id love some with natasha and the bus.

7) Any post Winter Soldier with everyone coping with shield falling, especially natasha and clint since they're agents. Or where sam meets the avengers.

8) Any with maria and natasha that isn't femslash.

9) Any with Harley Keener in them. I think I've read all the ones on ao3

10) some goods ones where steve finds out about howard being an ass. Or any with tony hating captain america because of his past/connection to howard.

Thanks in advance!


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