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I'm looking for an older fic that has a scene in it where Steve demonstrates that he can tie a knot in a cherry stem using his tongue, I think showing Tony and someone else. They ask where he learnt how to do it and he says a woman (possibly a model or someone at a party?) showed him she could and he asked her to teach him how. Tony and whoever comment to each other that Steve had no idea she was trying to flirt with him.

Anyone recognise this scene?

Edit: Never mind, found it: on tumblr
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Hi, I'm looking for some Avengers holidays stories. I'd like ones that:
1. Take place around Christmas
2. Preferably deal with Steve's reaction to a 21st century Christmas
3. Have the other Avengers explaining Christmas to Thor
4. Have the Avengers reminiscing about their favorite Christmas traditions
5. Are preferably gen, but can have romantic pairings just not as the main focus
6. Are complete and well written

Thank you!
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Now that it's been a few weeks since the release of Captain America: Civil War, I'm wondering if any of y'all know about any good fics about the events of the film and its aftermath with a focus on one or more of the female MCU characters.  Natasha is my fave and I think her arc in the movie was fascinating, so of course I'd especially like fics about her, but Wanda or Sharon would also be amazing.  Or fics about how CACW affected a female character who didn't appear in the movie:  Pepper Potts, Maria Hill, Jane Foster, and beyond.

Gen is fine, as are most ships.  I ship Tony/Pepper and would love a fixit for them, but I am also willing to read fic where the breakup sticks.

Anyway, let me know if you're fond of any post-Civil War fic that's lady-centric, or team fic that gives a well-developed character arc to one or more female characters alongside the dudes.

(mods:  can we get a tag for movie: cacw?)
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I'm reading a pretty long 3-parter where Steve and Tony break up suddenly and everyone automatically blames Tony for breaking Steve's heart, like they knew he would all along even after five years of marriage.  Natasha breaks his face, Pepper kicks him out of the tower, and they all shun him. (And that only the beginning of a lot of Tony!whump.)   While I love the story, all the while I'm reading this part I'm wondering if their any stories where, for once, the team/family blames Steve, instead of falling back on Tony's playboy rep and just KNOWING that he's in the wrong.

Anybody know of any such stories?  Where it's not Tony's heart that torn to pieces every other page.

(most of the tags can be labelled 'maybe?')
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Hi there!

I lost this story and I really would like to reread it.

Harry was Tonys son, (I think he discovered it when he read some letters of his mother?) and for some reason he had to become a american citizen (some thread because of the MoM?).
Anyway, because it would last some time if he only contacted the american ministry he got in contact with Tony so that Tony would get his custody.

I remember clearly that Harry had a lawyer with him and that he declared that there was no interest in Tonys money because Harry is well off himself.
- I'm fairly sure that it was on ao3
- it was after the Battle of Hogwarts
- I think Tony did not know about magic (maybe later, but maybe I'm mixing stories together)
- I'm not sure if this story was complete

I'm searching for hours and hopefully someone here can help :)

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Can't really mind much about it, except that Pepper discovers that Howard created and funded SHIELD, so Tony technically owns it.

Tony is maybe in Asgard at the time?

And Fury thinks Pepper whored her way to her job position.

And Pepper and Tony have fun metaphorically bitch-slapping Fury.

Fic is Damaged Defenders. Link is in the comments.
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My laptop has died and all I have is my phone! Anyone have some good Hulk stories they love? Sense of humour? Protecting anyone in the team? Showing off his inner 'Bruce'?? Giving Tony grief for poking Bruce with a stick?? Gen/team preferred but not too picky.

Actually are there any where Hulk finds Vision familiar due to him knowing his (JARVIS's) voice??
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I just read American Patrol by Copperbadge (an author I highly rec) again where someone attempted to hack Jarvis, shutting down the tower completely, but was defeated in a 30 hour cyber battle with Stark, Banner, and a team trained by Tony just for such an event .  I wondered if there were any other fics where someone tried to hack Jarvis in what would be considered murder or kidnap if he was human.

In a search of AO3 for anything like the above story, I came across a synopsis where Stark is on trial for rape.  Since I really could see Tony Stark raping anyone, I wondered if there were any other stories where an Avenger, or a member of the "family" was accused and put on trial for a crime that those that know them know they'd never do, even though the evidence my be strong.  Something like Steve accused of rape or murder.  Or Jane or Darcy for treason.
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Hello all. I'm looking for a specific fiction that takes place after civil war where Tony took the bullet for Steve and died. This work is different in that Pepper and Rhodey confront the avengers so that they may find closure. The avengers then take turns explaining why they fought on the side they did. Sound familiar to anyone at all? Thanks.
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Are there any fics dealing with pre-serum Steve’s health issues in the modern day? I would love to find any fics where Steve gets reverted to skinny Steve and he is SICK! Any length or pairing , but only fics with a happy ending please 
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I am looking for a fic I read (or fics like it), because I forgot to bookmark it.

All I remember is that Steve and Tony are dating, but they are also dating Bucky? Or Clint? Or someone else. Can't really remember. But no one on the team knows this. So when someone walks in on two of them together, the person that walks in assume one of them is cheating. I don't remember if it was Steve or Tony that were accused of cheating, or if I am mixing some fics here.

But either way, I would be really happy with any fic like that.

Where Tony is in a threesome, and the rest of the avengers have no clue, or it can be Pepper that doesn't know. And one of the threesome is accused of cheating. Or Tony is told to leave Steve and Bucky alone.

Thank you in advance!
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I am attempting to a find a fic in which Pepper has Bucky be her bodyguard sometimes.

I remember it being on AO3, and I think it was mostly that Steve would leave Bucky at the tower while on missions and Bucky ended up stepping in or something when someone tried something with Pepper, so they basically made a deal that he would get dressed up and taken along to a couple of functions. Pepper (may have) had Extremis still. I specifically remember a scene in which they were at an event, a bomb went off and I think there was something about Pepper's shoes breaking or something because Bucky was worried about the glass in her feet. There was another scene where he was re-arranging her hotel room too, I think.

It was not Five Reactions to Pepper's New PA or re: I'm keeping him. (though this one was very similar). Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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Hi all.

I recently read a fic and forgot to bookmark - would appreciate if you all could help me out. I've checked the Tony overwork tag but it's not one of the ones listed. The specific story I'm looking for was most likely on AO3. It's a Tony-centric fic, where Tony is very overworked/exhausted. And in the middle of a battle he pretty much just purposefully plows into the ground. When he wakes up in the hospital, Pepper is there and explains that based on what Jarvis told them they believe he attempted to kill himself. Tony eventually tells (I think Steve?) someone that he just wanted everything to stop.

Hope that helps a little - I think it's a more recent fic? Burning Candles is similar but not the one I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance!!
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I've seen this in real life (usually with kids), and in movies.  I've seen thin in other fanfic fandoms (The Sentinel and Magnificent Seven, to name two).  I'm wondering if this has been done for the Avengers.  It could be after a battle, on the trip back home.  Or maybe after a long day and they get together to go out to dinner.  The team/group gets to their destination or they're almost there, when someone thinks to do a headcount and realizes somebody is missing.  One of them was lagging behind, or in the bathroom maybe, and got left behind withoug someone noticing for the longest time.  What happens then?  Do they rush back, embarrassed and ashamed or do they say "fuck it, we'll worry about it later, he/she didn't want to be with us anyway."

The thought came up while reading the extras for the First Impressions and Second Chances series where Tony Stark isn't wanted on the team and every friendly gesture and gift from him is met with scorn and finally violence.  But the outside/forgotten person doesn't have to be Stark; it could be any one of them.  (I'd love to see Darcy kick ass and take names if the group went out for a "family" dinner and forget she was in her apartment changing clothes or something and came back to the common floor to find it empty.)   Or maybe the team goes to some event and the press is there as they get out of the limo and they're asked "Hey, where is (whoever) and they realize they've forgotten someone.
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In Iron Man 3, after Tony is taken, Killian shows he's had his men give Pepper extremis, a clearly torturous procedure. So instead of that, I wondered if any fanfiction existed where Killian forced it on Tony. Maybe making him a test subject or desiring to force him on his side or whatever reason to put him through that.
The movie was my first awareness of extremis in Iron man stuff, so I'm not familiar with it past that, like how it's in comics and stuff. So fics based on the presentation of it in the movie is much appreciated. Where Tony receives it against his will and does not previously have it or enjoy it. All the better if he can't sort himself afterwards like he was able to sort out Pepper.
Not looking for slash pairs. Just this plot that takes an alternate route from the movie.
Thank you guys :)
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I don't remember much - but the story was an IM1 canon divergence fic, where Pepper finds out that Tony's been kidnapped and goes to Jarvis. Together the two of them figured out what had happened and Pepper ends up killing Stane with her very expensive high heel. She does it while she's in the middle of negotiating with the Ten Rings for Tony's release. I think they toss Stane's body to the sharks? Possibly this was a series of fic but I don't remember for sure. Would really appreciate any ideas about where to find this story...
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Hi, this is my first time posting on Livejournal whatsoever, so sorry if I've fudged things up!

I've been looking for this specific fic for a while now.  It was Loki centric and for some reason he is on earth (I want to say banished or fallen from the bifrost but I'm not sure?).  I can't remember much about this fic except that Tony was a big part of it as well, and I'm 90% sure it was Tony/Loki.  I think Loki might have ended up with Tony at some point and one of the main things I remember was Pepper helping Loki get a house on the beach front and it has a view of Tony's Malibu mansion.

There's a high possibility that I've got several fics mixed up here but if anyone recognises any of these details let me know!

Thanks in advance!
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HI. I remember reading a fic that was focused on where the team was during the events of iron man 3. In the particular fic that I am trying to find, everyone was together on the helicarrier trying to keep up with tony, but he was always one step ahead. They mysteriously received video feed of what tony was doing (i.e. "watching" iron man 3) like meeting with harley or his fight in orlando. If anyone knows what this is i would be extremely grateful.

additionally, if anyone has an fics they recommend about this topic in general (team's reactions to events of iron man 3), then I would be grateful to hear about those too. Thanks!!!
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I keep thinking about a specific scene from a fic, but I can't remember what fic it comes from.

The scene I'm remembering has General Ross from the Hulk movies bringing all of his men to Avengers Tower for Bruce. Rhodey confronts him in the War Machine/Iron Patriot armor and Pepper confronts him with amazing red tape I think.

I can't even remember what pairing the fic had if any.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

FOUND: Damaged Defenders - WIP - As of 01/02/16 the last update was 12/18/2015

It was a little different then I remembered, no Pepper in this specific scene.
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FOUND: the reason you ruminate the shadowy past by Mizzy [Search answered by both Mizzy2k and dinara_n, thank you both so much!]


Okay so I am possibly conflating two fic into one, but I feel like it was a single one. I would very much appreciate any help finding it (or them if that turns out to be the case.) I know that I read it on AO3, but of course that doesn't mean it is only available there.

Facts/Clues: I believe the overall basis of the fic was that Steve kissed Tony in public quite impulsively to make a point (in front of some police officers or fire men perhaps who were making homophobic remarks?) In order to avoid public backlash against Tony and subsequently the company, Pepper comes up with the plan for them to date for a year before breaking up. Of course, the two end up falling for each other, but think the other is just waiting for the year to be over.

There's a scene where a reporter or photographer sneaks into the workshop (via car trunk?) and just finds the two playing cards together, or something along those lines. I believe this helps convince the media and public that they really are together and it isn't a stunt.

Very specifically, I feel like the beginning and part of the end include roughly the line "Justin Hammer is a knob." Because he unleashes an evil, robotic, giant TV on some sorts. When this happens, I believe Tony leaves Steve sleeping in the hotel room to go fight this creation. Possibly from another story, cannot confirm for certain whether this goes with the above, but I feel like it does?

The end possibly involves a passage or two in italics about how they grow old together in a retirement home (or something along those lines) and Tony makes Steve an electric blanket. This could of course be from an entirely different story. I just feel like it was maybe involved here.

I recently lost all my AO3 bookmarks [long story], but even if I hadn't they were a bit of a mess and I probably wouldn't have found this fic in them. I've tried searching what I believe to be the relevant tags on AO3 and haven't turned it up just yet. Sorry I am by turns quite certain in placed and very uncertain in others. It's been a while since I read it and it quite suddenly came to mind. I would appreciate any help, of course, and if someone can locate it I'll edit that into the main text!

FOUND: the reason you ruminate the shadowy past by Mizzy [Search answered by both Mizzy2k and dinara_n, thank you both so much!]
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Sorry, my english is not the best ^^'

I search for a fanfic, where one of the Avengers turns into an Inhuman and tries to deal with that and the team helps after they realise, that one of them turned into an inhuman. (Or they were there as it happend)
Can be WIP or Complete.
Can be in German or in English.
Paring: any

I hope you know something like that :D
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I'm trying to find a story where a (mercenary? military?) group invaded the Tower and throws up a magnetic force field around the building so no one can escape.  I can't remember if there purpose is robbery (Starktect?) or kidnap(Bruce?).  Coulson, Pepper, and maybe Darcy, Jane, Maria were out and maybe got stopped by traffic so they're walking back to the Tower but find they can't get in.  Anybody recognize this story?  That's all the detail I can remember at this time.
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This is an offshoot of sorts for a search for a lost story in a different fandom that didn't work out.  I got to thinking I'd like to see this story line in the Avengers.  The first characters I thought of was Steve and Tony in a relationship.  When Bucky comes back into Steve's life he leaves Tony in his dust.  How does he react; how much does he care of is hurt?  How does the team react?  Did they even know they were a couple?  How does it affect the team, how they work together or socialize?  This story could be any couple + 1.  Tony leaves Steve for Pepper.  Or Bruce.  Pepper leaves Tony for Phil.  Any three or more from the Avengers family.

I'm just tagging the possible characters.  I'll take any pairings in that circle.

I do recall one story has Steve so intent on searching for Bucky, he forget about Tony.  Not breaking up with him, just mindlessly not being there for events or his birthday or their first anniversary, something like that.  Anybody know which one that was?
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This is only a tiny little bit of a fic that I can remember - Pepper is learning to control and use Extremis by working with Steve (I think partly because of his experience of his abilities changing so much with the serum and partly because he'll heal if she burns him?), and I'm pretty sure they sparred together. And I have absolutely no idea what the rest of the fic is, if there is a larger plot, if there are pairings... no clue!

Any suggestions?
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Hi, I'm looking for any stories where:

1. Tony and Pepper's breakup isn't amicable and Pepper behaves badly (general Pepper bashing would also be welcome).

2. Someone is disrepectful or dismissive of Tony and gets schooled by him (or someone else). I've read 'Iron Man yes, Tony Stark not recommended' (many times).

I prefer Tony/Steve but I'll gladly read gen or any pairing.
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The fic I'm looking for is an AU. Loki is sentenced in Asgard. As reparation, he has to give Thor an heir. A year later, after birthig a healthy boy, Loki demands his freedom and leaves for Midgard.
Odin, as one more insult, went back on his word and didn't give Loki his magic back, but Loki was not surprised.
On Earth, Loki finds a job in a stop-motion studio. After some time, Tony Stark starts funding the studio (i don't remember if he did so because he knew Loki was there or not). Either way, Pepper is a frequent guest at the studio, to check up on their work. She and Loki get to talking, and he eventually tells her what his sentence had been (Tony promises not to tell Thor where he was).
Loki and Pepper get closer, start dating and eventually marry. Their first child has Down Syndrome. Loki tells Pepper that if he had had such a child on Asgard, both of them would have been killed cause Asgard would believe that Loki birthed a not-perfect child to spite them. Had he'd birthed a girl, he would've been given back to Thor to try again). I think Pepper and Loki also had twins later on.
They got a house, and they were very happy in their lives. Then Thor came by, and pleaded with Loki to return to Asgard because 'their' son misses him. Thor said that the boy is very unhappy because he is not treated well by either Odin or the rest of Asgard (i think). Loki's reply to that is 'what did you expect, he came from me'. Loki refuses to go, and Pepper chases Thor away.
In the last part, Loki finds a silver hair and realises that Odin took away his immortality along with his magic, possibly as one more spit in the face. Except it turned out for the best, as Loki won't have to watch his entire family grow old and die around him.
The End

Wow, that is specific. Does anyone recall a fic like that? Please? I'm fairly certain it was on lj somewhere, but where exactly escapes me.

FOUND: Under Calico Skies by ConeyCat
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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a fic that I read a while ago and now I can't for the life of me find it.  It is a Clint / Natasha fic where they move somewhere in europe (I am fairly certain it is Tuscany).  The house is a bit rundown and Clint takes to fixing that up while Natasha gardens in the orchard and keeps bees.  Everyone else drops by to visit at various times including Bucky who stays for a while to regain some equilibrium.  Tony and Pepper have a kid as well.

If anyone knows what I am talking about I would really appreciate the help.
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I remember quite a bit about this multi-part (I think it was close to 30 connected short stories) series that I'm certain was posted on AO3, but I can't find it in my bookmarks, so I was hoping that someone would know it offhand.

In this world, BDSM is the norm and everyone is a sub or a dom (though Tony, being Tony, is a switch, I believe, though I think he subs to Pepper).  I think the primary pairing was Clint/Coulson (ironically, I can't remember who was Dom/sub, though I'm assuming that Coulson was the Dom), though as the series progressed, it explored many other relationships:  Fury/Natasha - Dom!Fury and sub!Natasha), Steve/Bucky (Dom!Steve and sub!Bucky - that was a really heartwrenching part of the series and also the last couple of parts I saw posted).  I don't remember with whom, if anyone, Bruce was paired, though it might have been Bruce/Betty.

Another plotline that was explored was that Justin Hammer was a sub who'd been misclassified (and abused) by his father into being a Dom.  His crimes were actually somewhat excused when it was discovered.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you very much!

Mods:  I didn't see a "Natasha/Fury" tag, please and thank you!

FOUND!!! one only undersands the things that one tames by Not_You.  Thank you so much!

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With the six Avengers and all the people around them that be counted as part of the team or support, somebody might have used this plot line for this fandom.  I read this originally in an X-Files story.  I do remember that it had the central four characters: Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and Krycek, but it's been several years since I read it so I don't remember who dumped who to be with who, so I'll just refer to any four as A, B, C, and D.

A and B are dating/sleeping together/living together, whichever.  A is totally in love with B.  C, who has been away/missing/out of the picture, suddenly shows back up.  B and C used to be together and B is still in love with C.  B throws A over to get back with C.  A is broken hearted but leaves quietly, knowing he was second choice anyway.  After a short, but intense time, D pops back in the picture. C is in love with D, only getting with B because D wasn't around.  C leaves B for D, same as B did to A.  After a length of time, D decides he cannot deal with C's intensity/crazyness/neediness/whatever and ends the relationship.  Brokenhearted, C goes back to B, who is ready to dump A again.  (Actually, I think somewhere along the line the dumped one get fed up with the whole thing and tells the returning ex to shove it.)  Get the picture?  I hope this isn't as confusing to you as it's becoming to me.  It's basically a vicious game of musical lovers, with uncaring lovers and broken hearts all around.

Goddess, I really don't want to tag every possible pairing that can come out of this...
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I can't remember if it was one chapter or just a one shot but it involved Steve not realizing that he was signed up for a person auction. The hostess was nasty and Pepper is going to ruin her.  Tony ends up bidding. Hostess gets offended and says its only for woman but Steve says anyone should be able to bid.  Reporters are all over them after the auction. Natasha was supposed to bid first. 
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This is probably a wild goose chase, but what they hey.

I'm looking for any fic where Pepper cheats on Tony, or where Tony or others would consider it a reasonable assumption that she has. If the infidelity is assumed rather than actual, I'd much prefer if Pepper not realize that she's given that impression. The only 'Pepper Cheats" story I could find was one where Tony has a cuccold fetish, which is not what I am looking for.

If none such are available, I'll take anything where the relationship is on the rocks or breaks up and it's Pepper's fault rather than Tony's. (Please do not including the thousand-odd fics where she breaks up with him in order to leave him free for the relationship that's the actual focus of the story.)

Internet fudge brownies if Tony assumes that their issues are his fault, since Pepper's so good with people but Tony isn't, and sucks at relationships. And of course Tony whump is always good.

[identity profile] belle0416.livejournal.com
Hi, I know this is very, very, vague, but I'm looking for a fic where Tony (I can't remember who he is with in this fic. Might be Pepper? Bruce? Maybe even Steve?) adopts kid!Clint (and Natasha is the family's servant I think). The setting might be 19-20th century ish.

I'm sincerely sorry for this vague post.
[identity profile] tardis-stowaway.livejournal.com
I have pneumonia and could really use some fic to read while attempting to recover.  I am seeking recs for:

1) Pepper-centric fics.  Tony/Pepper is great, but I'm also happy with most other ships or gen, just so long as the focus is on Pepper's character and her awesomeness.

2) From Agent Carter, your favorite Peggy/Angie or Peggy/Angie/Daniel Sousa stories.  (Mods, could I please get a tag for pairing: peggy/angie?)

3) Any fairly recent fics where Darcy Lewis starts working with the Avengers and/or SHIELD and kicks ass at it.  I've read a lot of older fics of this type, so ideally I'd like recs from the past year or so.  Darcy/pretty much anyone (except Loki) is great, and so is gen.

Thanks in advance!
[identity profile] almeisan-s.livejournal.com

I'm relatively new to LJ, but wondering if anyone can help me out. Looking for a fic I read a while back about how no one else can pilot the Iron Man armor like Tony, because his mind doesn't work like anyone else's. His HUD displays twice as much information as Rhodey keeps displayed with War Machine, and he can absorb and keep track of it all, where anyone else would be baffled. I think I remember either Rhodey or Pepper explaining this to someone else, maybe another member of the Avengers? Anyway, hopefully someone knows where it might be found!
[identity profile] madkatt26.livejournal.com
I have two request that are kind of similar

First I was wondering if anyone knew any fics where Peppers Family (or friends, someone who knew her before Tony and her job) comes in to it - where they get to meet Tony and maybe the rest of the Avengers? Maybe showing their reactions of her living with a bunch of superheros or of what they thought of her job? With these I would prefer a Tony/Pepper pairing

Secondly, I was after fics similar to the first idea but concerning Coulson - I dont care if its gen or if there are pairings I just like the idea of his family/ friends discovering that hes actually a shield agent/ interacts with the avengers etc

Also any where Coulson or Pepper are just being BAMF would be great

Thanks :)
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I know that many people may not agree with me, but I was frankly appalled by how Pepper treated Tony in Iron Man 3. She responded to PTSD symptoms by attempting to guilt him into behaving better. She acted as though his previous, admittedly quite anti-social, behaviour which she had dealt with as his PA, not his girlfriend, somehow justified treating him like a child who had used up all his trust, and who should always place her above playing with his "toys", which were in fact a huge part of his life, his work, and his safety blanket after living through many traumatic events. It's perfectly reasonable to say that you can't cope being in a relationship with someone who lives a dangerous life, or has PTSD; it's quite another to try and yell or guilt them into changing, especially when they're traumatised.

OK, rant over.

With that in mind, are there any fics out there which don't portray Pepper in a good light, or which more specifically deal with her treatment of Tony in IM3? And if possible, could they either be gen or Stony? Science Bros and FrostIron are great ships, and I get why people ship them, but Stony was established as my OTP well before the movies came out, and I've tried reading the new ships to no avail, they just don't work for me.

So, after that appallingly long preamble, does anyone know any gen or Stony fics which portray Pepper in a bad light, specifically in reference to her actions in IM3, or which at least deal with the fact that she acted badly? Thanks! 
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I just read an amazing fic - Oasis by Sholio, (the one in which Pepper accidentally introduces Bucky to gardening therapy) and now I have a craving for a particular dynamic, featuring people-managing Pepper, a worried, protective and/or jealous Tony, and any of the Avengers.
I don't mind if its gen or threesome or a pairing - self-recs are great too. Just anything you have come across with awesome mind-reading Pepper and Tony reacting to that. Please and thank you!
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I don't know if what I'm looking for exists, but anything close will do.

What I really, really want is for Tony and Pepper to be tother but either have an open relationship or be on again/off again with an understanding that affairs for either during the off phases cannot be held against them. I want Tony seducing Steve or maybe just noticing that Steve is hot for him and deciding "sure, why not?" without realizing that Steve is expecting more than just sex.

I want Steve realizing that Tony is still with Pepper or back with Pepper and that he's just the fluff on the side.


Resolutions can be Tony/Pepper/Steve or Steve leaving to be with someone else or just angst all around.

(I wasn't sure if I should mark this as cheating, since it isn't really?)

Any and all Tony/Pepper/Steve recs are also welcome. ^_^
[identity profile] frostiron-otp.livejournal.com
So I just read an avengerskink WIP about this and I've got a craving :)

Anything where Pepper abuses Tony, physically or verbally while they're together will be great XD
[identity profile] weefreemen333.livejournal.com

I've remade my account and am re marking some fics.

I'm looking for any fics about Loki falling to earth and ends up on stark tower so somewhere post avengers where he is injured/ill/has PTSD. I know there's a few of them but I just can't find them ! I'm particularly after ones involving Tony - I remember one particular one where he finds Loki in a heap on the roof ??

I'd really appreciate the help. You can link me any LJ or A03/ whatever if it's allowed on here :)


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