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I'm looking for a story I was reading a while ago, Tony knew "aunt peggy" very well and like steve found out she died. He hid his feeling about her passing, and try to get everyone concerned about Steve. I think he was sent a package of some sort of stuff from Peggy.

Does anyone know what story I'm trying to find?

Any help would be appreciated!
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Hey guys!

Looking for any fic that has Steve dealing with Peggy's death. Especially if the team rallies around Steve to help him get through it.

Also looking for any fic where they all support Steve, for whatever reason.

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I meant to request this a while back, but I guess I forgot... decided to ask since I just remembered it. Anyways, a while ago, I watched this BRILLIANT (bollywood) movie, Mardaani (shameless pimping, btw) about a seriously bad-ass female cop, who more or less single-handedly takes down a sex-trafficking ring after they kidnap one of the girls she is fostering. But what really struck me, apart from the kick-ass heroine, was the role of her husband... who is a decidedly NOT bad-ass civilian married to the heroine, i.e. basically the male counterpart of Laura Barton in AoU...

So, I am wondering if there are any such stories in the Avengers where fandom which has a lot of kick-ass women... Natasha, Maria Hill, Sif, Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter, Wanda... hell, even the Agents of SHIELD agents.

Established Relationships prefered, obviously, but if the guy is totally turned on by how bad-ass she is and wants to marry her on the spot, then that is good too. Please no gender-bending or Trans-characters. I want the women to shine for once without being over-shadow'd by the men.   Also, no dom/sub... etc etc. I just want a normal domestic relationship (kids optional).

In summation, I'm looking for any fics (complete) where the kick-ass heroine is married to a civilian (OMC prefered) who basically exists so that she can come home to someone... Hell, he could even be a damsel-in-distress while she does all the heavy lifting and takes down the bad-guys.

P.S. NO BRUCE/NATASHA... coz I think there are few of those which might fit, but in my head Bruce will always be the Hulk and can take care of himself... making it impossible to enjoy the story.

P.P.S. In case, my request in still unclear, think Zoey and Wash from Firefly, but w/o Wash being a bad-ass pilot.
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Lately I've been thinking about an ABO fic I started reading maybe a year ago, but never finished. I remember it had Peggy unexpectedly going into heat during the war, and Steve was the only one around. It was my first encounter with ABO, so I read far enough for things to start getting frisky and then backed out in a hurry going "WTF was that and how do I unsee it?" (Ah, those were the days.) Anyway, I *think* Peggy was an omega but had been hiding it, and alpha!Steve was making an effort to act submissively to put her at ease? But I'm not sure, because I knew nothing about ABO dynamics at the time, so it was pretty confusing.

I guess I'm less interested in finding that specific fic than in the dynamic I thought I saw--Peggy hiding her omega status, and Steve (or heck, it could be anyone) finding out but accepting the role-reversal. Sort of trans-alpha Peggy, almost, maybe?
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Hello. I am looking for a Stucky fanfic where James helps Steve escape from Shield/shield surveillance. Steve goes to a coffee shop regularly to get the shield agents use to that routine. Natasha is in charge of the detail and knows that something is going on. In the end, Steve gets out via the Subway system and lives with Bucky near a deli shop (maybe?) with two dogs.
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So I was rewatching Agent Carter and it make me realize Tony must have known Peggy growing up. So does any one have any recs for Peggy being an influence in Tony's life? I don't care who Tony is paired with, though I think this puts an interesting twist on his relationship with Steve.

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I just read a fic (though the name escapes me) where Steve is found after a few years and he and Peggy end up being the awesome aunt and uncle to a young Tony complete with saving him from various kidnappings.  I am looking for more like it.  This could also include deaged Tony who recognizes or latches on to Steve.  I'll take any thing whew a younger Tony doesn't hate Steve.  Also no slash please.
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I like wingfic stories, and found a few but I am looking for more.
steve gets wings as a result of the serum or always has them (wing!verse, or a mutint). if it is always had them could it be that before the serum they were small and sickly, and after, think like Archangel Michael; big powerful and brilliantly colored, or white or other. please satisfy my need.
need a wingfic tag.
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I can remember most of the plot for this fic, and I would've sworn I had it saved, but I just cannot find it anywhere. The story started not long after CA:TFA. Peggy and, I think, Howard find the Winter Soldier. They manage to get through to Bucky, but due to some chip in his brain, a kill switch maybe, they can't fully free him. Because Steve is "dead" by now, Bucky agrees to go back to the Red Room as their double agent. Peggy has a code phrase, something like "come in from the cold", that triggers Bucky's personality. Over the next few years they'd meet up and she'd debrief Bucky on the Winter Soldier's missions. He also developed a friendship with Erik Lehnsherr because he could fix the arm. Later, he's introduced to Peggy's protege Marcus, the future Nick Fury. At one point, the Winter Soldier is on a mission with Black Widow and she accidentally triggers Bucky awakening, but Coulson shows up to debrief him. She uses the phrase again later when she's escaping the Red Room. Then during present day, Loki for some reason removes the chip in his brain, allowing Bucky to stop being the Winter Soldier. He visits Erik to find out what all has happened.

I've been looking for this fic for a while, and no matter what variation of search terms I use, nothing pops up. Hopefully someone here recognizes it because it was such a great story, and I would love to read it again. Thanks!


Apr. 9th, 2015 07:07 pm
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Hey guys.

I'm looking for all good Steve/Peggy fic. Specifically WWII stuff, but really anything as long as it's Steve/Peggy focus and well written. AUs and self-recs totally welcome.

Pretty please? :D
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I read both of these some time ago, so I'm not going to be shocked if they aren't found.

Fic 1: WIP when I read it. Had a title derived form literature or a poem, and centered on Peggy Carter finding Natasha as a little girl when the SSR raids a facility after WWII ends. They take to each other, and it looks like Peggy might eventually wind up adopting her. Gen.

Fic 2: Completed, I think. Bucky has been recovering from being the Soldier and seems to be doing well. Not that he hasn't been generous when he can before, but Steve has noticed it's bloomed into (despite the Russian associations) a sort of individual socialism. He doesn't expect it of anyone else but 'always' leaves a substantial tip, donates pretty much any money he gets beyond his needs to charities and socialist-leaning groups, etc. Might have been gen, or Steve/Bucky.

Hope one or both sound familiar to someone!
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Ladies of MCU being awesome!They can be paired with anyone i don't care.

natasha's my fav

Thanks in advance!! :)
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Exactly what the title suggests. I'm looking for recommendations focussing on the ladies, especially Pepper (!), Darcy, Natasha and Jane. I don't mind them being paired with anyone, really, but I would love something focussing on their character and/or how incredible they are at what they do.

Also, if anyone knows any good fanvids about any of the above or all at once, I will give you my eternal gratitude, possibly my firstborn too.

Thanks in advance. =)
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Hi, I'm looking for general recs about Steve dreaming while he's frozen. I know there's one that's Steve/Darcy, but I'm wondering if there are any where Steve dreams that he's still awake/isn't aware he's sleeping.
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Hi! I have one fic that I vaguely remember. And then just a general question for recs.

1. My specific fic, and I remember seeing it on AO3, was one where Steve didn't get frozen. He marries Peggy and grows old with her. I also think he becomes a senator? Bucky, however, becomes the Winter Soldier and is unfrozen. So Bucky is still relatively young.

General: Okay so the general recs I would like to know is are their fics where Steve doesn't get frozen but doesn't age? Like due to the serum he ages really, really slowly? So instead of taking an ice nap, he lives through everything? But he still looks really young come the Avengers? Any recs for this type would be awesome. Also I don't care about pairings here. So anything you rec would be good as long as it keeps in line with some of it.

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Are there any fics where Peggy Carter became "M"? (Yes, like in James Bond.)

Steve Fics

Nov. 16th, 2013 08:59 pm
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This is my first time posting here and I'm not entirely sure this is the place for one of my questions. I'm looking for fics that deal with Steve's transformation into Captain America. They can be set in WW2 or modern day. Maybe it's Bucky reaction to his best friend's new body or the other Commandos see pictures of Steve pre-serum? If the story has the Avengers, I'd prefer ones where Steve gets regressed back into his pre-serum body (temporarily) and the Avengers have to deal with it? I'd imagine they'd be shocked - knowing's one thing and seeing's another. I'm picky about length on this but I am picky on spelling and grammar. Minor issues are one thing but a story that's riddled with them is another.
P.S. If anyone does know of a dedicated community for Captain America fics, would they please post the link/name?
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So all of the Avengers are trapped in this dream like state. Bunch of Fog, don't know where they are... etc. they are met by someone who asks them if they could talk to their most important person, who would it be? Almost all of them ask for Coulson and then they find out he isn't dead. I think that Natasha's was her mom, Bruce's was Erik (Magneto) and Tony's was Peggy.

Also, I'd love complete/recently updated stories where Peggy being his "aunt' is brought up. kind of like it as more than just a passing mention. No slash, please!! Gen or Het only.

Thanks so much.
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1. Misunderstanding fics where Tony is in the right.

2. Decently written Tony/Other fics (OMC/OFC, crossovers, etc. not any avengers or Pepper.)

3. Fic where Tony and Steve talk about Peggy and/or Howard.

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What is says in the subject line, basically. Does anyone have any recs for any kind of femslash fic? I don't care about pairing or rating or 'verse, and while I'm particularly looking for longfic, I wouldn't say no to shorter fic, either. :)

(Recs for any other type of fanwork are also more than welcome!)

(Mods, could we have a tag for femslash or women-focused or something like that?)


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