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Hi, I know that there have been a number of searches on here in the last few months for Katiedid's fics. She thankfully decided to repost them after all. They are all in one giant archived story on AO3. http://archiveofourown.org/works/7640137
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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a fic I read fairly recently (in the last year I think) and remember a lot about it but cannot for the life of me find it anymore! I'm really hoping that it has not been erased from the internet.

I don't remember author or title but I remember these key points:

1) Bucky and Steve want to date Darcy but aren't sure how to propose it, so Steve starts dating Darcy first with the hope of adding Bucky to the relationship.

2) When Darcy sleeps she has wandering hands...she sleep-gropes the guys basically (which is funny in the story but seems less funny as I type it).

3) Stark has given Darcy a gift basket and included (maybe of his own invention) glitter lube, which the trio accidentally use.

4) They all go away to Tony's beach house (I think), and there are several mentions of ice cream.

5) Hydra tries to get Bucky again and manage to use a trigger word to turn him into the Winter Soldier for a few minutes. He and Darcy are in an ice cream shop at the time.

6) Darcy doesn't believe that both men love her. She thinks they just want her for sex and refuses to believe them when they tell her they love her.

7) Darcy is in charge of Avengers social media, quits her job because her "boss" is mean, goes to Bruce (or Tony's?) lab and accidentally causes an explosion (with truth serum) and ends up with a concussion.

8) It is noted that Thor might have given the trio a fertility blessing at the end (but we don't see more after that).

I remember SO MUCH (more than I've included) about this fic because it was amazing and it was the first one I saw where the characters really had to struggle and find their footing in a three-way relationship. I'm desperately trying to find this fic again and would love help or to know if someone has saved a copy!
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I'm looking for a fic where there is a lab accident where Bruce accidentally de ages Bucky/steve/darcy.
they slowly re-age up.
Natasha and Sam Wilson take on mom and daddio roles.
it had heavy polyamorous implications.
It had a cameo of tutor spiderman/peter parker.

it was awesome and I really want to read it again.

please thank you
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I am looking for a Darcy/Steve/Bucky de-aged fic.
I think Darcy and Steve were dating but Bucky wasn't happy about it.
Bruce had a accident in the lab and they all got de-aged (not bruce he turned into the hulk)
Natasha and Sam took on mom and daddio roles.
it was really sweet.
the 3 main ended up slowly aging up.
it had major polyamorous tones, but they were down played as DARCY/steve/bucky are young kids for most of the fic.
there was uncle tony and guest cameo by tutor spiderman.
I really want to read it again now that I can't find it.

please help.
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I'm looking for a specific Clint/Darcy soulmate fic. I can't remember too much, but what I do remember was that a young Darcy went with some family, I think her grandma and others, to the circus and saw Hawkeye. After the show, the performers had tents set up so the people could talk to them one-on-one. This is where they find out they're soulmates, and I remember her family freaking out, I think, over the age gap. I think the story continued on to the point where Clint is an avenger and he and Darcy meet up after the attack on New York, but I'm not entirely sure, it's been awhile since I read it.

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I just read American Patrol by Copperbadge (an author I highly rec) again where someone attempted to hack Jarvis, shutting down the tower completely, but was defeated in a 30 hour cyber battle with Stark, Banner, and a team trained by Tony just for such an event .  I wondered if there were any other fics where someone tried to hack Jarvis in what would be considered murder or kidnap if he was human.

In a search of AO3 for anything like the above story, I came across a synopsis where Stark is on trial for rape.  Since I really could see Tony Stark raping anyone, I wondered if there were any other stories where an Avenger, or a member of the "family" was accused and put on trial for a crime that those that know them know they'd never do, even though the evidence my be strong.  Something like Steve accused of rape or murder.  Or Jane or Darcy for treason.
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Hi guys!

I've been driving myself crazy looking for a fic where Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Darcy Lewis played the lead parts in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie from 2015, with Darcy as Gaby, Bucky as Solo, and Steve as Ilya, iirc.

The fic follows the movie for the first part, but diverts a bit towards the end, with a Jane Foster subplot.

I know I read it on AO3, and none of my searches came up successful, so I tried he WayBack Machine, and wouldn't you know it, Katiedid wrote it, and the WayBack Machine didn't save it.

Does anyone have this fic saved somewhere? It was published on September 25th, 2015 by Katiedid. It's called "The Man From S.W.O.R.D."

I read it it before I saw the movie, and I would really, really, love to read it now that I've finally caught with all the cool people.

Thanks in (hopeful) advance!
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I read this a while ago and apparently didn't bookmark it, and now I can't find it anywhere.
It was on AO3 I believe,

Basically Steve and Darcy have been dating for a while when a still recovering Buck and Steve have a big fight.
Steve decided to leave for a while and goes to a cabin Tony owns up state in the mountains.
After he leaves Darcy finds out she's pregnant, but decides not to tell Steve for now, not wanting to pressure him into returning.
In Steve's absence Bucky steps up taking care of Darcy, which actually helps in his recovery.
The story follows Darcy through her pregnancy and eventually her going up to visit Steve.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Sam was addressing Darcy as Mrs. and was the only one who could do that. Everyone was wondering the nature of there relationship. I think Riley was her husband that got kia.
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I've seen this in real life (usually with kids), and in movies.  I've seen thin in other fanfic fandoms (The Sentinel and Magnificent Seven, to name two).  I'm wondering if this has been done for the Avengers.  It could be after a battle, on the trip back home.  Or maybe after a long day and they get together to go out to dinner.  The team/group gets to their destination or they're almost there, when someone thinks to do a headcount and realizes somebody is missing.  One of them was lagging behind, or in the bathroom maybe, and got left behind withoug someone noticing for the longest time.  What happens then?  Do they rush back, embarrassed and ashamed or do they say "fuck it, we'll worry about it later, he/she didn't want to be with us anyway."

The thought came up while reading the extras for the First Impressions and Second Chances series where Tony Stark isn't wanted on the team and every friendly gesture and gift from him is met with scorn and finally violence.  But the outside/forgotten person doesn't have to be Stark; it could be any one of them.  (I'd love to see Darcy kick ass and take names if the group went out for a "family" dinner and forget she was in her apartment changing clothes or something and came back to the common floor to find it empty.)   Or maybe the team goes to some event and the press is there as they get out of the limo and they're asked "Hey, where is (whoever) and they realize they've forgotten someone.
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I only remember one scene, which, I think, takes place in England possibly after Thor: Dark World events.  Darcy is waiting for Phil and his AOS team to return to their (hotel?) rooms after having been out doing something .  The Avengers aren't supposed to know Phil is alive but have discovered he is and hasn't told them.  They're Not Happy about that, so they (esp. Tony & JARVIS) plan their revenge.  They send Darcy to ask Phil a/some question(s); setting off the revenge process is based on Phil's answers.  Phil answers "wrong", and as Darcy walks away from Phil and his AOS team, she tells Tony/JARVIS (via phone?  via JARVIS hacked into security cameras?) to start the process.  (I'm assuming that this ruins Phil financially, among other things.)

This scene gives the sense "sucks to be you, Coulson" and "shoulda thought of the consequences before you decided not to be honest with us, Coulson".  Darcy may even actually say as much.

The story's probably on AO3, but I haven't been able to locate it again.  It's not a short, drabbly story, and it may be part of a series or multi-chaptered work,
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I'm look for a fic that I think is a few years old. I remember that the story was a Darcy-centric oneshot and I think she thinks about her grandma's cooking/baking? At the end there was a scene of her noticing a gunman aiming at Natasha so she pushed Nat out of the way and got shot instead. She then got wrapped up in Thor's cape and I think it was either Thor or Ironman that flew her to the hospital. At the end at the hospital there was a slight hint of Clint/Darcy too. I'm pretty sure I read it on AO3.

I've been looking for this for ages so any help will be greatly appreciated!
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I think I remember that Darcy was involved in a poly relationship with Clint, and maybe Natasha and Bruce. But the scene I really remember involves her getting a REALLY bad sunburn from not letting the sun screen soak in for the requires 5 minutes?, and Tony making a joke that she looks like she has 'that' skin condition. Darcy asks if he means vitiligo, and Tony answers 'No, leprosy'.

EDIT: Somehow I managed to find it myself. ^_^ Antonia Stark is Bad at names
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I can only remember one scene: Darcy has been kidnapped but manages to escape when the kidnapper is transporting her somewhere in a car. She runs to a nearby gas station and borrows a phone to alert the Avengers, who come right away, and the kidnapper is there with a gun/explosives. I think Darcy was either dating one of the team or someone's (Tony's) daughter. Probably a longish fic (my preference) but not 100% sure.

Thanks in advance!
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Hey everyone,
I'm looking for a fic with the Steve/Darcy paring. It's a soulmate fic. Soulmates have the first words their mates will say to them on their skin. So Darcy is walking in to the kitchen at avengers tower and hears someone cussing their head off. It's her soul mate, Steve. So she doesn't think she's good enough for him so she leaves without staying anything. Steve thinks he's up set her and talks to Natasha. Tasha asks Darcy about what happend and Darcy confesses that Steve is her soulmate.

That's all I remember. Someone help me please.
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I'm trying to find a story where a (mercenary? military?) group invaded the Tower and throws up a magnetic force field around the building so no one can escape.  I can't remember if there purpose is robbery (Starktect?) or kidnap(Bruce?).  Coulson, Pepper, and maybe Darcy, Jane, Maria were out and maybe got stopped by traffic so they're walking back to the Tower but find they can't get in.  Anybody recognize this story?  That's all the detail I can remember at this time.
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Can I get some recs about Darcy and Thor being friends. Them hanging out, or Thor going crazy protective of Darcy, or just being besties?
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This is an offshoot of sorts for a search for a lost story in a different fandom that didn't work out.  I got to thinking I'd like to see this story line in the Avengers.  The first characters I thought of was Steve and Tony in a relationship.  When Bucky comes back into Steve's life he leaves Tony in his dust.  How does he react; how much does he care of is hurt?  How does the team react?  Did they even know they were a couple?  How does it affect the team, how they work together or socialize?  This story could be any couple + 1.  Tony leaves Steve for Pepper.  Or Bruce.  Pepper leaves Tony for Phil.  Any three or more from the Avengers family.

I'm just tagging the possible characters.  I'll take any pairings in that circle.

I do recall one story has Steve so intent on searching for Bucky, he forget about Tony.  Not breaking up with him, just mindlessly not being there for events or his birthday or their first anniversary, something like that.  Anybody know which one that was?
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I'm pretty certain this fic is (was?) on AO3, but for whatever reason I can't find it. Basically, Tony and Darcy act like they're father and daughter, even though they know they're not related, because they like it. I think it starts with a joke that spirals into something bigger and eventual father/daughter happiness, though I'm pretty sure that only Darcy and Tony know that they're not biologically related and that they let everyone else think that they are. I know that's not a ton to go on, but if I remember correctly, it was a pretty short fic. I would be really grateful if anyone has any idea about the title/author/location of this fic
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I remember reading a fic on ao3 where Darcy Lewis was Bucky's mom and he and Steve were still best friends. I feel like she adopted Steve after his mom died, and one thing I specifically remember is that she always told Steve to stop using all of the table whenever he was drawing. I don't know how but somehow she's still alive in the future and Steve didn't recognize her and they were in the kitchen and she told Steve to stop using all of the table and he said "Yes Mrs Barnes" or something to that effect. Sorry my memory of it isn't great but I feel like it wasn't a completed fic. Thanks!
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Hey!! So recently I've read some darcy&bucky fics and i am deciding that that is my new fav. So specifically I am looking for some fics where Darcy is the one who comes across Bucky while he is still trying to get his head on straight and is ultimately the one who gets to bring him in to the avengers. I've read "The Extraordinary Friendship of Darcy Lewis and James Buchanan Barnes" by cosmicocean, the one where she finds him in a diner eating pancakes and then they have to run from hydra, and the 'Run verse pieces. Anything else that you guys would suggest?? I'm fine with any pairing really, darcy and bucky could be together or they could just be friends or bucky could be with someone else or darcy could be with someone else, whatever you find where Darcy is the one that brings bucky in is great!

and if you have any darcy&bucky fics that you think are just generally fantastic feel free to recommend those as well, always on the lookout for some great new reads!!!
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Can someone please point me in the direction of the story where a Tony one-night stand produced a daughter.  New mom wanted nothing to do with a kid, so Tony stepped up and loved her from the start.  She goes to a boarding school where Tony visits at every chance and at one point comes to the tower for a week for a shcool project on Captain America.

I read most of this story once, then lost wifi and can't remember where I found it.
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Help!! I am trying to find this fic, and I know that it is chapter in a large fic that is just a one-shot for each chapter, but it is a soulmate au with tony/darcy. Basically Darcy has had the same coffee maker all throughout college and new mexico, and wakes up one morning to find that Tony has replaced it with a Stark coffee maker, so she picks it up and takes it down to the lab where Tony, Pepper and Jane are, and drops it to the floor and then hits it with a sledgehammer. I think her words to Tony are like "Give me back __ or I will cut you" and then Pepper starts laughing and saying that this was too perfect, and then Tony's words were like, "Wait, you named your coffee maker __". And then Darcy tells him she will kiss him if he gives he back the coffee maker in the requisite amount of type etc.

So yeah, I am pretty sure it is a single chapter in a large fic full of one-shots but for the life of me I cannot find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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I've seen it mentioned casually in several fics, does anyone know any where it's a central plot point, or at least mentioned as more then a two paragraph toss out?

any pairings, any length.
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With the six Avengers and all the people around them that be counted as part of the team or support, somebody might have used this plot line for this fandom.  I read this originally in an X-Files story.  I do remember that it had the central four characters: Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and Krycek, but it's been several years since I read it so I don't remember who dumped who to be with who, so I'll just refer to any four as A, B, C, and D.

A and B are dating/sleeping together/living together, whichever.  A is totally in love with B.  C, who has been away/missing/out of the picture, suddenly shows back up.  B and C used to be together and B is still in love with C.  B throws A over to get back with C.  A is broken hearted but leaves quietly, knowing he was second choice anyway.  After a short, but intense time, D pops back in the picture. C is in love with D, only getting with B because D wasn't around.  C leaves B for D, same as B did to A.  After a length of time, D decides he cannot deal with C's intensity/crazyness/neediness/whatever and ends the relationship.  Brokenhearted, C goes back to B, who is ready to dump A again.  (Actually, I think somewhere along the line the dumped one get fed up with the whole thing and tells the returning ex to shove it.)  Get the picture?  I hope this isn't as confusing to you as it's becoming to me.  It's basically a vicious game of musical lovers, with uncaring lovers and broken hearts all around.

Goddess, I really don't want to tag every possible pairing that can come out of this...
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Hi, I don't remember much about the specifics of this but Darcy is hired at Shield and discovers Phil unconscious in the far reaches of shields building and takes her lunch with him, plays him music with her ipod and knits him either socks or slippers.  It could have been a Darcy/Bruce or a Darcy/Clint

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Hi,I'm looking for three differnt Darcy-centric fics, I'm pretty sure they are on AO3.

1) This was part of a series about Darcy and the team all living in the tower, and Darcy had made Jane and Bruce and Thor "Team Science" jackets, and Tony was pretending not to be jealous, and she and Bruce pulled out a box with one for him?

2) Darcy is going to be Midgard's ambassador to Asgard, so a group of people (Pepper and Thor and Coulson?) work with her and a stylist to buy her a wardrobe fitting the position. This one was also part of a series, but I think not all parts were about Darcy?

3) Thor comes back from Asgard and he has picked up the idea of souvenirs, so he brings things back for Jane, Selvig and Darcy. I think Jane got the floating ball from The Dark World? And his gift for Darcy was Loki's old Asgardian version of an MP3 player, which had all of his music plus video recordings of Loki studying/blogging?

Thanks for any help!
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Hey! So I have been on a Darcy Lewis kick for a while and wanted to find some good fics with her as one of the primary characters, specifically featuring her in the lab. Like where Darcy ends up being a super effective worker for Jane and ends up becoming Tony and Bruce's assistant as well, or that some sort of threat comes to the tower and Darcy protects Jane and the lab from whatever threat, or Darcy in general being smarter than people give her credit for, etc. Fics where Darcy is BAMF or super smart, etc I love, fics where she is tony's kid are not really preferred but if there is one that you think is so so perfect then go ahead and give it to me. Thanks so much!!!!!

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Okay - so I only remember a single scene from this story. I think Darcy had been kidnapped and was maybe rescuing herself when Natasha shows up. Darcy gives Natasha a knife that she stole (liberated?) and Natasha complains about the balance. Darcy tells her she can't be picky because it's free.

Does anyone recognize this? I would really like to read it again.
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Hi, I'm looking for a soulmate au where, once you turn a certain age, you spend a day in the body of your soulmate. I'm pretty sure it's Darcy/Steve, but it might be Darcy/Bucky. Basically, Darcy spends the day trapped in the ice and has nightmares after.

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I have pneumonia and could really use some fic to read while attempting to recover.  I am seeking recs for:

1) Pepper-centric fics.  Tony/Pepper is great, but I'm also happy with most other ships or gen, just so long as the focus is on Pepper's character and her awesomeness.

2) From Agent Carter, your favorite Peggy/Angie or Peggy/Angie/Daniel Sousa stories.  (Mods, could I please get a tag for pairing: peggy/angie?)

3) Any fairly recent fics where Darcy Lewis starts working with the Avengers and/or SHIELD and kicks ass at it.  I've read a lot of older fics of this type, so ideally I'd like recs from the past year or so.  Darcy/pretty much anyone (except Loki) is great, and so is gen.

Thanks in advance!
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1, Darcy/bucky drabble or fic? I think darcy works in a bar and bucky goes there and stops someone from attacking her and goes home with her and he keeps going back to see her?

2, darcy and tony watch ace ofcakes together.
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Hey I love this fic but i somehow lost it :'(
It is about Darcy working at Sheild, the only thing i remember clearly about it is that darcy finds out that a shield outpost some where cold is low on supplies and knits them things. They call her the knitting angle or something like that.
any help is awesome
The fix might be how Darcy took shield by storm or won over everyone or how everyone loves darcy
Darcy Lives with the Avengers by underscore65
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I've been searching for this specific fic for so long that I'm pretty sure I imagined it, so sorry if the details are a little vauge! It was either a Thorki or Gen!fic, and I belive it was set during or after the first Thor movie. I think Loki was mortal and couldn't use his powers. Darcy and the two became roommates and he even ended up going to the same college as her? I think they shared a crappy car and she got him interested in the music she liked! and I think at one point Loki got a job as a waiter? Any help finding this fic would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Hi all, so I'm looking for a specific fic and its driving me nuts.

Im at least 85% sure it was bruce/darcy. Captain A was helping a group of volunteers with repairs to the city and they were all wearing shirts that said things like "Iron Man saved my city" which was the one steve was wearing.

I really hope someone knows what im in about!
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It is kind of vague but I remember one of the Avengers breaking Darcy's heart and the last scene is her running in to them in public and she walks away toward someone hinted at to be Loki.
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I'm looking for a specific fanfic(s) where Phil has tried to recruit Darcy, but she puts him off. When the Battle of New York happens, she reconsiders, using the contact info he left her, and discovers he died in battle.

Other scenes include her being included on an Avengers briefing despite being a junior agent/trainee, and going on a training exercise that is a fancy dinner/charity function, and being the only one who doesn't fail the exercise.

Might be part of a larger fic series, but this particular installment is Darcy-centric.



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