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Ugh, I'm so unhelpful, I know! I read this fic a couple years ago where Deadpool and somebody (I think Spidey???) were somehow forced into sex by one of the usual tropes-- sex pollen, fuck or die, or aliens made them do it. All I really remember is they were fighting baddies but maybe subdued them before giving in? Deadpool was the one doing the fucking, and afterwards he said something about, "you aren't the only one who was just raped." And maybe it was aliens but maybe not? Aaand I feel like there was an idea that they had been preslashy at one another but now it's ruined.

I think it was on AO3, but I also used to haunt LJ and kink memes a lot.

(Requesting tags for Deadpool, fuck or die, aliens made them do it, Spideypool)
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Now that it's been a few weeks since the release of Captain America: Civil War, I'm wondering if any of y'all know about any good fics about the events of the film and its aftermath with a focus on one or more of the female MCU characters.  Natasha is my fave and I think her arc in the movie was fascinating, so of course I'd especially like fics about her, but Wanda or Sharon would also be amazing.  Or fics about how CACW affected a female character who didn't appear in the movie:  Pepper Potts, Maria Hill, Jane Foster, and beyond.

Gen is fine, as are most ships.  I ship Tony/Pepper and would love a fixit for them, but I am also willing to read fic where the breakup sticks.

Anyway, let me know if you're fond of any post-Civil War fic that's lady-centric, or team fic that gives a well-developed character arc to one or more female characters alongside the dudes.

(mods:  can we get a tag for movie: cacw?)


May. 28th, 2016 08:13 am
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Hi, I'm looking for fics where the Avengers are part of sports team (either existing sports team or an Avengers team) or in general, are human (no super powers) athletes and that's how they know each other.

Any sport is great hehe, it's okay if they're not team mates and if they're competing against each other. If they have to deal with media then that's fun also.

Steve/Tony is preferred but a gen team fic is great too!

(Can i request for a Sports/athlete tag also please HAHA)
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I'm looking for the story where the avengers are in Asgaurd and Tony walks out on Odin's dinner because Odin is an ass. I couldn't find a tag for Odin (though there is one for laufey)
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Hi there! I'm looking for MCU Bucky/Natasha fics that don't involve Red Room backstory, aka fics where they take an interest in each other and have never met before the Avengers. They can bond over shared experiences, that doesn't bother me, I just don't want callbacks to their (romantic) history from the comics. Any recs would be appreciated! :)
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I am looking for fics where classism is an issue for one or more of the Starks. It doesn't matter whether it is someone snubbing one of them as NOCD (Not Our Class, Dear) for being 'New Money'; or a Stark disregarding someone because they are poor, or, working class; or an intermediary blocking access on the presumption that the person being contacted wouldn't want to talk to someone like that.

A case where someone NOCDs (NTCD?) themself, not trying to interact with the other person because they don't think they're good enough/important enough would also fit.

Mod: Are there enough searches that involve her to create a Maria Stark tag?
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I remember quite a bit about this multi-part (I think it was close to 30 connected short stories) series that I'm certain was posted on AO3, but I can't find it in my bookmarks, so I was hoping that someone would know it offhand.

In this world, BDSM is the norm and everyone is a sub or a dom (though Tony, being Tony, is a switch, I believe, though I think he subs to Pepper).  I think the primary pairing was Clint/Coulson (ironically, I can't remember who was Dom/sub, though I'm assuming that Coulson was the Dom), though as the series progressed, it explored many other relationships:  Fury/Natasha - Dom!Fury and sub!Natasha), Steve/Bucky (Dom!Steve and sub!Bucky - that was a really heartwrenching part of the series and also the last couple of parts I saw posted).  I don't remember with whom, if anyone, Bruce was paired, though it might have been Bruce/Betty.

Another plotline that was explored was that Justin Hammer was a sub who'd been misclassified (and abused) by his father into being a Dom.  His crimes were actually somewhat excused when it was discovered.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you very much!

Mods:  I didn't see a "Natasha/Fury" tag, please and thank you!

FOUND!!! one only undersands the things that one tames by Not_You.  Thank you so much!

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I'm looking for any stories where Bucky and Steve or just Bucky raises Tony, for any reason. Basically, Kid Tony with parental Bucky and possibly Steve.
Thanks : )
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Hi All,
I'm looking for any AU fics where the Tony is a kid/teenager who meets the Avengers in some way, and gets taken under their wing. I'd especially love it if there's some Bruce bonding with kid/teenager/young Tony bits. Thanks : )
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(ETA:  The radiant & splendiferous [ profile] karambura found fics on LiveJournal, AO3 &, and provided the link to a Stark/Stark search on AO3!  *\o/*  See comment.  :-)

Hi!  I didn't see any tags that seemed to apply to this pair so I don't think it's been requested before; apologies if I'm wrong.  /o\

I'm looking for any fic that features Tony Stark & Nathan Stark (from EUReKA, a Sci-Fi1 cable TV show).   One of EUReKA's creators is a comic book aficionado &, according to the actor who played Nathan Stark, his character was modeled on Tony Stark in the Iron Man comic books.

Crossover, fusion, cameo appearance, slash, gen--I'm only familiar with the Marvel movie!verse but I'll take whatever you may find & be dam' grateful for it!   :-D   Thanks for your time!

1 It was the Sci-Fi Channel when EUReKA started & I refuse to dumb down the name.   >¦^Þ~

Mods, if it's appropriate could there be a search: fic (crossover) tag [or would it be search: fic (genre)]?  And if there are fics that match my request you might want to add crossover: eureka, &/or a theme: family/relatives tag [as distinct from theme: kid!fic; theme: incest; or theme: stepbrothers tags].  Ugh, I don't know--better you than me....
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I'm looking for a fic where Tony and others discuss Asgard culture and how they are arrogant, violent muscle-heads with a stagnant society because they're at the top of the heap or something like that. At the end, I think Thor and the warriors three overhear them.

I think it is a short fic. No idea if there is a pairing or not, and it's definitely not The Enemy of My Enemy by Kadorienne ( Anyone? Thanks in advance!

(Not sure how to tag this - could use a theme for Asgard, for example!)

ETA: Found! It's We Give No Fucks About Your Antiquated Sense of Honor by anon at Norsekink.
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Hi all,
So, I'm looking for any and all fics where the Avengers are in the middle of a battle, and suddenly this guy with a metal arm shows up and starts saving in the day/protecting Steve, and that's how the Avengers meet Bucky. Anyone?
Thanks : )
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1. Clint keeps changing the alarm music on her cellphone every morning to something different. He is trying to guess her favorite band/song. Dracy works for/at SHIELD and is Coulsons's Secretary/PA. At one point she gets taken hostage in SHIELD and Clint shoots the guy, after whistling a few notes, so she knows it's him. They go on a date to Office Depot. (FOUND!)

2. Read the awesome story that is Alphabet Soup and it created a craving for the awesome pairing that is Coulson/Darcy! Please rec me your favorite stories. I'm starting at square one. Self-recs are loved!

P.S. How do we not have a Clint/Darcy or a Coulson/Darcy tag?
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Hi all,
I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while back on AO3 where Bucky was over at Avengers Tower, temporarily released from SHIELD into Phil's custody I think, and there was a barbeque or something. Somebody noticed that Bucky's metal arm was bleeding, and when they removed it, his real arm was slowly starting to regenerate/regrow underneath the metal. Help?
Any fics where Bucky's arm regenarates, or where Bucky chooses not to wear the metal one, or that generally deal with the fact Bucky is actually a disabled veteran, would also be great : )
On another note, I'm also desperately searching for any fics where Bucky becomes part of the Avengers Team, that detail/show him being accepted into the team-fics where the Team-ie, not just Steve-defend Bucky/rescue Bucky/fight for Bucky would be great : )
Thanks : )
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Loki: Agent of Asgard fics or fic that closely resemble this new version of him(prefers comic version). I have a hard time believing this doesn't exist since he's an openly bi and gender fluid here.. and moreover he's just alot more fun then most versions of Loki. Recs in this vein or just his pre Loki Agent of Asgard stories will do as well (comic version or show base only please) and those that deal with his his being reborn(canon)--I find it fascinating to see how deals with who was and who he is now and fic that shows it would awesome.

thank you

Eta: info and

Also requesting a Tag for Loki Agent of Asgard since it's valid and does have the avengers in it as well.
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I'm looking for fics along the lines of Circles of Rust and enigmaticblue's Trade My Life For Something New, where Tony and Bruce are on the run together, for whatever reason. I'd love fics where they meet on the run, or run together from something, or Bruce rescues Tony and takes him on the run, anything really.
Thanks : )
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I'm looking for a Clint fic, but it may not specify that it's him in the synopsis.
Basically what I remember is that Clint has a kid, but someone, maybe the WSC, is holding them hostage, and only allows him to see the kid on a strict schedule. I believe the Avengers find out and they're pissed. Does that sound familiar. I read it quite awhile ago, so that's really all I remember.


First time doing this, so I don't think I did it right, but I tried to tag search: fic (specific), and character:Clint Barton, but it didn't work. (I'm kind of stupid at this, so sorry if it's completely wrong.)
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Hi all,
I'm desperate for any Tony/Bruce fics where Tony is a sub/omega/the submissive one, and Bruce is the Dom/Alpha. Really, anything with these two with this kind of dynamic would be great, I've looked all over and can't seem to find anything, so I'm kinda begging here : )
Thanks Guys, you're awesome : )
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The other day I read 'The straightest Path' by sinemoras09.

You can read a detailed summary under the spoiler cut or go read it yourself (it's only 4300 words). But basically it boils down to it that Loki offers a clever solution to a problem where brute strength fails repeatedly and gets vilified for it on Asgard because using your brain and/or magic is cheating and bodily strength is the only honorable way to get something.

Summary: There is an impenetrable gate built by the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim in Asgard. It protects some sort of amulet (not really important) but nowadays it serves as some sort of test for young warriors to show their mettle. It is said that no one in a thousand years managed to best that gate, except Odin. The warriors three and Sif beat on it and don't even make a dent. Thor only makes a tiny scratch with his hammer and Loki looks at the gate, sees that it is really impenetrable and walks through the rock instead to get the amulet. A very clever solution, except everybody calls him a cheater (except Thor), Sif even spits on him and Odin yells and heaps disappointment on him.

My first thought after reading it was 'Jane would hate that'. Then I thought, 'Tony would hate that too'. And then I realized that pretty much everybody of the Avengers would think this kind of reasoning ridiculous at best, dangerous and useless at worst.

Anyway, now I'm searching for stories where this cultural difference comes up. E.g. Someone tells Thor (or Odin or any other Asgardian) how stupid this kind of thinking is. An Asgardian realizes it on his/her own because of their interaction with the Avengers. Jane breaks her engagement to Thor because she could never raise her children in Asgard with an attitude like this. Really, anything with this kind of theme would work for me. Bonus points if Loki also plays a role and gets some kind of recognition, but its not necessary. It doesn't even have to end well. If Thor refuses to listen and nothing gets resolved then that's fine too.

Anyone have some recommendations for stories like these?

@Admins, I had a really hard time tagging this because nothing really fits. Could we maybe have theme tags like 'culture clash' or 'cultural differences' and 'Asgard' or 'Asgardian society' or 'Asgardians' tag? Not sure if it's really needed for just this one post.
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Hi all,
I'm looking for a couple different Clint/Coulson fics I read a while back and can't seem to find again:
1. I just mostly remember the summary, which was something about Clint being injured and broke, and running away or something, and Tasha and Coulson have to follow him/find him/bring him home? I think Clint might have been disabled in some way.
2. After Coulson's "death", Clint has trouble connecting with others, including the Avengers. He spends most of his time hiding in air vents, and the Avengers don't understand him/realize what a great guy he actually is until Coulson comes back from the dead.
3. A slavery AU where Clint is bought by SHIELD, as an impulse buy by Coulson to rescue him from abusive owners or something, and Coulson rehabilitates him-I remember something about Clint not wanting to sleep in a bed because he was used to living in a cage. Tony comes into is somehow, as Clint's friend or something.
More generally, I'd love any fics that depict Clint's efforts to get to know the Avengers, particularly depictions of Bruce/Clint or Clint/Tony or Bruce/Clint/Tony friendships.
Thanks guys : )
ps. Sorry for the ridiculously long req : )
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HI all,
I'm looking for any fics where either Loki, Clint, or Bruce is hurt/whumped in some way, and the only person they'll trust/feel safe with/allow to touch/help/go near them for some reason is Tony. Basically, any fics with Tony wowing everyone by how good he is at helping/comforting the whumped character, and everyone being very suprised that the hurt character choose Tony, of all people, to trust so implicitly.
Thanks : )
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