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There was never a lot of talk about Tonys reactor removal surgery. Are there any fics about it?? I'll take any recommendation, but if there are any where Bruce is all "doctorish" that would be great!!

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Hey guys and gals (and mods obviously), I don't know where else to ask this and was hoping y'all would oblige me a little bit. Is there a community (preferably here on LJ) where people can post fic prompts for The Avengers?

I'm going for a stretch here, I know, but I am "searching" for Avengers "fics" essentially, so it fits this criteria right?! Hopefully. *crosses fingers*

To make this a tad more legit, could some of you please rec me your absolute favorite sick!Clint or hurt!Clint fics? I think you see a pattern here. Any help would be grand. =)

Thanks in advance!! (hopefully the mods don't kick off my post....=D =D =D)

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This is kind of a backwards fic rec request. There is a decently long series (Bitter Sirens: http://archiveofourown.org/series/21480)  which appears to be a post-Avengers Tony/Bruce epic. BUT! I have been avoiding it because I am not in the right headspace to read unrelenting grim, and the 4th story summary does not sound like a happy ending:

(caveat: I don't mean a happy-happy-joy-joy ending, I don't need Disney; I am hoping for a good ending, where things are resolved, and it wasn't completely outside the bounds of taste or good storytelling.)

4th story summary: Under pressure from world leaders and the ever increasing violence of anti-S.H.I.E.L.D. protests, Director Fury caved, calling for Loki to return to Earth to stand trial as a war criminal. Stark Tower is determined as the only safe place to house him, tensions rising to a boiling point between the Avengers and their new guest.

Director Fury made the call, but at what cost?

Can anyone who HAS read the series tell me: will I feel depressed when I finish the stories? Does the 4th story end in a place I will not regret? Help?

[livejournal.com profile] static_star18 said: I read all 4 stories, and all I can say is, you might want to wait. I felt pretty bad for Tony at the end of the 4th story, so it's not exactly a happy ending. Thank you, SS! I am totally putting a hold on Bitter Sirens until either I can take the possible depression or the next part is up.
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I just watched Iron Man 2 (mostly for the fun scenes) and I find myself with a need to see Rhodey actually apologize for stealing his tech (even if Tony meant him to have it). Or, alternately, for one of the Avengers to bring it up with him.

I also want to see more of Natasha's reasoning for the 'Tony Stark Not Recommended' thing. Did she officially change her mind? What happened there?

It doesn't matter if Tony actually needs or wants the apologies... I just want to see him getting them. Are there any fics that cover that? Recs most lovingly appreciated.

ETA: Also, if he's not supposed to be on the Avengers Initiative, why was he interviewing General Ross in the last Hulk Movie? Or is that before Natasha said not to hire him for the Initiative?


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