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Hello all,

Looking for an older fic that takes place immediately after the first Avengers movie, where Steve, being Steve, is volunteering with one of the clean-up crews. He meets, dates, and becomes engaged to a young Muslim woman. It was a very sweet fic. I remember the OCs- the young woman and the rest of her family- being very well-written, and I'd love to read this one again. I've been through the entire Steve/OFC tag on AO3— no dice. Help? Please? Thanks in advance, wonderful people!

Volume 125, Issue 2

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User [ profile] lilacsigil referenced to your post from Volume 125, Issue 2 ( saying: [...] fic where he becomes engaged to a young Muslim woman after the events of the first Avengers movie [...]

Re: Volume 125, Issue 2

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No, it's the LiveJournal bot, letting you know that someone shared your post. So hopefully you'll get a response sooner.

LJ User Lilac -something (sorry, didn't get the whole name) is the one who share your post to a community, Comic Store News. If you click not on the username, but the other bolded print, it should take you to the issue of Comic Store News that shared your post.
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Re: Volume 125, Issue 2

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Ah, copy that. Excellent! Thank you 😊

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Fic only available to AO3 members, so I'm waiting for my invitation, but thank you so much for taking the time! Here's hoping it's the story I remember 😉 I'll let you know!


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