Jun. 1st, 2016

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Heya all,

after reading a fic with Jemma picking up Teh Hammer, I had a search, and while I found Clint, Tony, Steve, ... lifting Mjolnir, I can't seem to find any with Coulson lifting Mjolnir. But in my memory, I am almost sure I read one once. So....

Can anyone remember of one? Thank you.
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Just been rewatching Thor and Thor 2 and I feel so bad for poor Loki! Anyway, I would love recs for fic where Tony is caring/protective of Loki in some way, such as listening to his side of the story, giving him a chance, standing up for him, that sort of thing.

The fic equivalent of Tony wrapping Loki in a snuggly blanket, giving him hot chocolate, and cuddling him.

Extra awesome points for BAMF!Tony and no major bad stuff happening to either Tony or Loki in the fic.

Thanks in advance! :)
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Hi I'm looking for stories where Pepper is kidnapped and Clint is able to get to her and save her before Iron Man and the team can.
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hey guys,looking for any fics about how Tony and Rhodey meet in college or any fics about there college days.

Second fic in look for is one where Tony meeets peppers parents and maybe they are not to hay about him dateing their daughter.

triggers non con violence any other warnings all ok with me
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I'm looking for a specific vampire fic.  Vampires are known in this universe.

The main characters are Clint Barton and Phil Coulson.  One of them is a vampire already (I think it's Clint, but it may be Phil), the other is not.  The non-vampire is severely injured, the vampire turns him to save his life, then takes him to a secluded place for the new vampire to finish the vampiring process.  The turning was not something that was pre-planned.

All I remember was the already-vampire making a stop at a Vampire Blood Bank (possibly a Vampire Bar) for "supplies" for the new vampire.  He was given priority service because he "has a fledgling out in the car".

I'm assuming that this takes place just after the Battle of New York, and that it's Clint saving Loki-stabbed Phil's life by turning him into a vampire.  It's not a new fic - I read it a year or two ago.

Thanks in advance. :)


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