May. 24th, 2016

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I wrote this request almost a week ago and the battery died just as I tried to post and I never saw it, but it somehow got saved, so I'm trying again.

I just read a couple of stories by charmingcontender (A Flaw in my Code and Arsonist's Lullaby at AO3) where Steve is fiercely protective of Bucky.  With some clandestine help from the team he breaks Bucky out of custody and treatens anyone who gets in their way when he realizes the Winter Soldier trial is a mockery and no matter what he says Bucky's already tried and convicted.  In one story the Asset's former student, Widow, joins them in taking out those who had a hand in abusing Bucky while he was the Soldier.  Captain America shows a ferocity and bloodthirstyness I've never seen anyone else ever write for him and I'd love to know if there are any other stories out there that show such a dark side to usually goody-two-shoes Steve Rogers.

I'm not talking about ABO stories where he mates Tony by force or anything like that.  I'm looking for ones where the really dark side of him comes out in protection of what's his, be it Bucky, a lover, or the team.
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The Magnificent Seven was one of the first TV shows i was lead to by fan fiction when I first started reading fanfic over 10 years ago and I've been going over my backlog of old stories.  Vin Tanner was often the team sniper in M7 ATF stories, a crack shot.  I got to wondering if there were any stories where the Denver ATF team and the Avengers ended up working together.  I can just see Vin hooking up with Hawkeye and/or Bucky, comparing notes and creating mischief, but unfortunatly I'm a lousy writer.  I would not subject the world to the crap I set my hand to writing (even if I hadn't burned it all in horror and disgust).  I wonder if someone with more talent (that's anyone) has written anything where the two teams hook up.  Even any Old West time-slip stories.

Hurt Steve

May. 24th, 2016 08:50 pm
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Hi! I was wondering if there was anything where Steve is captured, gets hurt, etc, but he isn't fine right away? I've read a lot where he bounces back really quickly and there's little to no recovery process. I'd really like to have some comfort with the hurt. Thanks!
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Do you know any Avengers/X-Men crossovers, where:

1. Erik meets Steve and co. during the war


2. Where X-Men characters end up in the MCU universe, or the avengers end up in the X-Men universe, through dimension travel or something like that (so basically, fics where they exist in two different dimensions and cross over, not fics where they all existed in the same universe).

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Hi, so I've been looking for a fic I read a long time ago, and I'm reaching the point where ripping out my hair in frustration is starting to look like a viable option, so I hope someone can help me.

I'm looking for a fic that features the Steve/Bucky/Darcy pairing.  I can't remember what it's called or who the author is, or even where I read it.  I'm 70% sure I originally read it on AO3, but I can't remember for sure.

What I do remember is the three of them decide to try out a relationship between the three of them.  I vaguely remember them all being hesitant, obviously willing to give it a go, but nervous that it wouldn't work out???

One scene I do remember, vividly, is that Bucky gets attacked on a mission (at least I think it was a mission) and he is triggered back into being the Winter Soldier.  In the end Darcy convinces everyone to let her try and reach out to him, in the hopes she can bring back some of his memories.  Clint goes in with her, intending to shoot Bucky if he so much as twitches wrong, while everyone else watches from somewhere else.  Darcy freaks out seeing Bucky not being Bucky, and without really thinking she tries to run to him.  (I think she's remembering a conversation with Bucky about how much he liked her hugs??)  Clint tries to stop her, only Bucky grabs Darcy and basically hauls her behind him, clearly not remembering much, but somehow knowing she is important.

The next part I remember is that Bucky isn't murderous, but he's not himself anymore.  In the end he asks to be let go, and while Steve doesn't want to do it, Darcy says yes, let him go.  So Bucky is allowed to leave, and his absense creates a rift between Darcy and Steve, both of whom are afraid and convinced that their relationship won't work without Bucky.

The last part I remember is Darcy crying on the couch, trying not to let Steve see, only he does, and he goes to comfort her.

That's what I remember and I would love to reread the fic in its entirety so someone please help me find this fic for the love of all that is holy!!!!


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