May. 23rd, 2016

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I'm thinking of a long but excellent post-CA:TWS fic I read and thought I had bookmarked, but apparently not. Bucky is caught by the remnants of SHIELD and released into Steve's custody, along with a bag of candy. I don't remember why he had the bag of candy but he had one. He has a long and gruelling period of adjusting and makes a little toy figurine that he bakes in the oven. I think Steve ordered it off Amazon or something. The figurine becomes significant later. As he he gradually starts to improve, HYDRA tries to snatch him, and in the aftermath, Coulson's SHIELD crew do snatch him, and basically force him to participate in their missions. Any of this ringing a bell for someone?

Also, I know there are tags in this comm, but I haven't figured out how to work them yet (this is only my second post), so I'm just going to leave this entry untagged. Sorry if that creates extra work for a community admin.

Thank you in advance.

Edited to add: And thanks to the fabulous [ profile] dinara_n, I have re-found this fic. It's Sing Me the Alphabet, by TheSardine.
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Looking for a fic that takes place post avengers.  Tony invites the team to move into the tower. They do, except for Steve. He thinks it's because Steve doesn't like him. One day, he finds Steve in the coffee shop he was in at the Avengers movie, drawing something, and Tony sits with him and asks him if it's personal and why hasn't he moved in to the tower. Turns out Steve didn't get any of Tony's messages. Steve is like "What messages?" and Tony is like "The one I sent to every motel you were staying at during your road trip or whatever. turns out steve was thrown out of almost everyplace he stayed at because he was picking fights and defending people. :D? Anyone recognize it?
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Do you know any 'watching the movies' fanfics, where the avengers watch and react to the captain america movies? I've already read 'All the days of our lives' by elrondscribe.
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I'm looking for this Steve/Bucky fic I read a couple of months ago on AO3 that for some unfathomable reason I forgot to bookmark. Steve doesn't receive the serum, and I forgot if he and Bucky are childhood friends or meet as adults after the war. Howard plays a prominent role - Bucky was captured with him during WW2, they think the other is dead, and when they meet each other again post-VE day they basically bond together. Steve and Bucky end up working for Stark Industries - Steve as Howard's PA and Bucky as an engineer. It's a slow burn with a lot of mutual pining and longing glances and Steve thinking that Bucky and Howard are together when actually they're not.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me find it!


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