May. 18th, 2016

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I'm mostly looking for a specific fic, although general recs with the same type of thing are welcome:

It was a getting together post-CAtWS fic vaguely from Bucky's pov, the specific scene I can recall is: he remembers (or thinks he remembers) wanting/loving Steve before the war. When he asks Steve 'were we, did we ever?' Steve shakes his head and says no, but before Bucky is too disappointed adds 'but we wanted to.'

Anyone recognise this? It was probably on AO3, although there's a tiny chance it was on tumblr.
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hey guys looking for some Tony non con, maybe with some comfort in it too, have read a good few tony noncon like would love some kind of sequel for to the fourth degree if anyone knows of one, so anything like these be great, iv also a good few other bookmarks like these if anyone is looking.

Also love anything that has tony and rhodey, with rhodey looking out for tony like in
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Hello wonderful people!

Since seeing the latest of the Marvel franchise, I am really craving a good Tony/Steve fic. I'm a huge fan of Tony!Angst, but I prefer it to be character as possible for the characters involved? It doesn't have to be post!Civil War.

I was hoping someone would be able to recommend me a really good Steve/Tony fic with some Tony!Angst (secret relationship, internalized homophobia, etc.) that centers on the relationship, particularly if it is Steve that is "hurting" Tony. Not a premise that just bashes Steve, but some legitimate angst that could (and totally would) occur between the characters if they were shagging and/or in a relationship would be awesome.

I'm pretty familiar with most of the older classics ("In Which Tony Builds Himself Some Friends..." is a wonderful fic), but I'm sure I've missed a few. I would prefer if it did follow the movie canon to an extent, as in not complete AU. Anyone have any recommendations? Lay it on me!

Thank you so much!



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