May. 14th, 2016

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Hi all!

You guys are so great at finding stories, I was wondering if you could find this one.  Tony becomes aware of just how much Steve is suffering from PTSD, so he gets him a Service Dog - special trained to help returning veterans.  (I'm not sure if it's a Service Dog or a Therapy Dog.  They are little different.)

I know I read this back when I first started in this fandom (sometime after The Avengers came out,)

Sorry - I don't remember if it's slash or just friendship.

Thanks for the help!

~ GSister
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Hey All,

I'm looking for a fic that I'm dying to read again, but for the life of me I can't remember enough details to find it. So, I thought I would ask you all for help.

~~Steve goes down in the ice, but somehow his mind/spirit finds its way to a nightlight(??) that Howard built and put in Baby!Tony's nursery.
~~There was a scene between Howard and Maria around when the machine/nightlight was put in Baby!Tony's room, a vague "brining home baby" theme a think, but I'm not sure.
~~I remember something about Tony calling or thinking of Steve as the "Sssshhh Man" or something like that because even though Steve was aware of someone being beyond the murky surrounding he was lost in he couldn't really comminucate more than a shushing/whisper sound at first.
~~The more the years pass the more Steve was able to communicate in actual words, but I think mostly he could only communicate with Tony for some reason.

Annnddd... that's about it. I just distinctly remember the machine/nightlight/?? Howard invented, it being in Baby!Tony's room, the shushing noise Steve made at first that only Tony heard and being able to talk later on. I know it ends with Steve waking up and him being with Tony in the end, but that's it.

Thanks for the help in advance!!!

**ETA FOUND: Turns out I was mashing two fics together, so thank you to both [ profile] c_mami and [ profile] ananova55 for the help!!
1st Story: "slipping through years" by often_adamanta --
2nd Story: "Awake, Aware" by Misaya  --
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Hiya, looking for a specific fic in which Steve is avoiding sex with Tony (doesn't want to hurt him or something, idk?) but he is occasionally giving in and giving Tony handjobs but only to get him to actually sleep for once. He rarely lets Tony reciprocate. Tony realises what he's doing at some point and gets mad.
Also, I'm looking for general recs about Steve been nervous about having sex due to the super-serum. Can be any pairing, though I'm a sucker for Steve/Tony.
Thanks :)


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