May. 11th, 2016

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I forget how the Avengers find out, but Coulson is summarily moved into the Tower.

But Coulson has doubts and isn't sure if he's real and has 'to make sure;' he cuts himself something awful and I think Jarvis informs everyone who find him in the bathroom bleeding and babbling about his self-doubt...?

Does this sound at all familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for a specific Steve/Bucky fic that I failed to bookmark. Steve is hit by a wizard's spell and can only be woken by true love's kiss, so Natasha and the other Avengers set about trying to track down his true love (Is it Peggy? Or someone he hasn't met yet?). Bucky waits until he's alone with Steve and then kisses him awake, but he avoids telling anyone what happened because he thinks his love is unrequited. Later, Bucky eats a poisoned apple and Steve kisses him back.

Nm, found it:
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Hello all!

I'm looking for a story I read where everyone has a soulmate, and Bruce's soulmate is different than the Hulk's. I honestly don't remember who Bruce's was (Betty maybe?) but the Hulk's was a woman named Emily or something similar. At first everyone is afraid to let them be in the same room but it turns out the Hulk is actually really gentle and sweet with her.

This might be one part of a larger story, or a collection of soulmate fics. I've looked all over Ao3 but haven't had any luck - hope someone here can help!

Thanks :)

ETA - found! Link in comments :)
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I'm looking for a fic that Bruce cures local people as a doctor. It was Gen, I think? In the story Bruce travels some remote village and treats patients.

One of the patients is a girl. A lot of boys in the village want to marry her but she gets sick and Bruce decides to amputate her arm. After that other boys lost interest but one boy still loves her so two of them marry.

Another patient is a rich but weak guy and his wife tries to help him but fails. When Bruce gets an invitation and has a meal with them, he notices that the rich guy has loctose intorelance. Bruce advices the wife not to give the guy milk.

And Bruce visits some town and hears about another village where an epidemic breaks out. He decides to go there and after days others thinks he died. But then some kids who were cured comes the town.

The last story is a bit different. Avengers and Fury are searching for Bruce and they comes to those villages where Bruce stayed. But village peoples think that now it's time for them to help the good doctor, so they confront Avengers and Fury.

This fic was one of my favorite so help please!
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My laptop has died and all I have is my phone! Anyone have some good Hulk stories they love? Sense of humour? Protecting anyone in the team? Showing off his inner 'Bruce'?? Giving Tony grief for poking Bruce with a stick?? Gen/team preferred but not too picky.

Actually are there any where Hulk finds Vision familiar due to him knowing his (JARVIS's) voice??


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