May. 2nd, 2016

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I'm looking for a story where Loki is sent to Charles Xavier's school so that the Professor can try and heal his mind after Thanos' control of him.  After some time and a lot of friction Loki improves and starts teaching classes.  After and attack by Stryker's forces and an out in the press about the mutant menace Thor assumes the worse and comes to the school in attack mode, demanding his brother to take him home in chains.  A lot of Loki's progress is knocked back but he is heartened when the students stand up for him and defend him to his angry (and misinformed) brother.
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Hi, I just read fic with Tony as part of Winter Soldier program wi th Bucky and just fell in love with this concept. Please send me stories where Hydra put their hand on Tony to turn him into weapon or somethink similar.
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Tony is hiding Bucky in his lab, who isn't ready to meet the team. The team doesn't know he's there and thinks Tony is keeping something from him. They tie him up/gag him and force themselves into his lab, where they see Bucky. Upon Bucky seeing Tony tied up and kind of hurt, he ties to attack them until Tony gets free and stops him, then explains the situation.
Help, please! I know it was an on ao3 and I can't find it in my history, and I'm pretty sure it was complete.


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