Mar. 29th, 2016

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Hi. I'm looking for 2 fics.
1. All i remember is that General Ross and a bunch of soldiers shows up at the tower looking for Bruce. Stark threatens them and the rest of the Avengers realize how scary Tony can be.
2. Tony is working in his workshop when JARVIS alerts him that Bruce is having a nightmare and is about to Hulk out. Tony wakes up Bruce and comforts him.

I have been looking for these fics forever. Please help?

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Steve sees him every day I think near where he lives, drawing in a notebook or on the ground. He gives him coffee. Tony helps save Steve save Sheild with his designs and they discover he is Tony Stark.

Tony is afraid to be inside and has been hiding from Obidiah Stane.
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Hey everyone!

Looking for a specific A/B/O fic, definitely read it on AO3. It was Alpha!Tony and Omega!Steve. Short piece. In this universe being A/O was pretty rare, and not well understood. It wasn't stigmatized, per se, but sort of a morbid curiosity for most people. I remember one part where Nat (and maybe Thor) were watching a sort of Real Sex-type doc about it, and Tony and Steve were kinda subtly embarrassed about everyone's fascination with it. Ends in bed, of course, and they are all 'why haven't we been doing this all along?!' about it. I'll also take any Omega!Steve recs that might be a bit more off the beaten path (beyond the fandom classics, that is). Any pairing is fine, there.

Second - rec requests for Steve-centric GEN fic, no shipping/pairings beyond cannon stuff, and that shouldn't really be the focus. It's really hard to find good gen fic, it's all kinda shippy in one way or another, but I don't always want to read shipping fic, you know?

Thanks in advance!


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