Mar. 24th, 2016

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I am looking for a specific fic that I believe was Clint/Coulson where Clint was having seizures right after the battle. He was having them frequently and they were debilitating for him.
Then Coulson shows up at the tower and he has a seizure cause he didn't know Coulson was alive and they had been in a relationship.
The other Avengers are protective of Clint. The seizures take a long time to fade, I think like 6 months to a year pass before he goes back to the field.
I know its little to go on, The seizures I remember, They were blue tinted in some way, caused by what happened with Loki.
And I specifically remember Clint is at the tower when Coulson steps out of the elevator. Clint sees himand immediately has a seizure.
Please Help! I've checked all my bookmarks and I can't find it!
Thank you,
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Does anyone know any good loki-centric fics, taking place before the events of the Thor movie? I want fics that portray him in a good light, and include his relationship with his family (and it'd be great if Odin isn't a terrible father in these). Or fics where the events of Thor go slightly differently, and Loki doesn't end up being the villain. But yeah, I'm in the mood for some of these, so if anyone knows any, that'd be great :D :D :D
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I am attempting to a find a fic in which Pepper has Bucky be her bodyguard sometimes.

I remember it being on AO3, and I think it was mostly that Steve would leave Bucky at the tower while on missions and Bucky ended up stepping in or something when someone tried something with Pepper, so they basically made a deal that he would get dressed up and taken along to a couple of functions. Pepper (may have) had Extremis still. I specifically remember a scene in which they were at an event, a bomb went off and I think there was something about Pepper's shoes breaking or something because Bucky was worried about the glass in her feet. There was another scene where he was re-arranging her hotel room too, I think.

It was not Five Reactions to Pepper's New PA or re: I'm keeping him. (though this one was very similar). Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


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