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I've been really into android or robot type AUs. Not where Jarvis gets a body, where one of the Avengers is an android (knowingly or not). And more than like, Tony or Bucky having robotic parts. I like seeing them and everyone else deal with what being human vs. being AI means, what is real, etc. I loved The Body Electric and I feel like I've read a lot of the ones on AO3 by going through tags. So if anyone has any suggestions that especially are hosted elsewhere, that would be great!
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These are/were posted to a kink meme though I don't know which one.

The Avengers are fighting some villain of the week when the taunting turns to Bucky's memories (they didn't know he was the winter soldier yet) and Steve losses it kicking the villain ass violently. I think it ends with the Avengers saying they all would have liked to meet Bucky (though they would have anyway because he is the only one who affects Steve like that).

Tony wants to decorate Captain America's room with America stuff and when he tells Pepper why Steve only had a hand drawn picture of Bucky she gets the Avengers together to build a memorial of Bucky thing for Steve to remember him. I remember Bruce gets him a comic by Hulking out in a store that has a letter from Bucky in the back. There is a pocket watch which I think was Bucky's father. Tony got stuff in a trunk that belonged to his father by going back to the empty manor which was hard for him because of the memories.
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Hi! First time posting here so forgive me if I mess up! I read a story that I can't remember much about but it's now driving me nuts. There were pack dynamics but I think they were based on situation. For example, Steve is alpha in the field but Tony was alpha at home. I think. Tony was complaining about it to Pepper, who used to be/was still his alpha. I think he was questioning his ability and or willingness to do the job until something happens to change his mind. Maybe. That's all I got. If this sounds familiar let me know! PS: my tagging ability is poor! Apologies in advance!


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