Jan. 30th, 2016

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Hello! I feel so silly because I was sure I had saved the story. I am quite sure it was on avengerskink.
All the avengers had been kidnapped and I remember that the villain knew Tony but Tony probably didn't know him, and I don't remember him having a specific name. The first part of the story is all hurt and Tony is raped by the villain with the threat of hurting the other avengers, all the others are there with him and in the moments the villain is out of the cell they comfort Tony. I remember a scene where Tony hugs them or probably Natasha. This had happens for some time with different breaks where Tony can catch breath and be comforted by the avengers or tried to.
The second part of the story (probably incomplete?) was about the recovery.
As I never finished reading the recovery part I would like to continue it out check if it has been continued. Thank you!

FOUND in the comments
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I'm look for a fic that I think is a few years old. I remember that the story was a Darcy-centric oneshot and I think she thinks about her grandma's cooking/baking? At the end there was a scene of her noticing a gunman aiming at Natasha so she pushed Nat out of the way and got shot instead. She then got wrapped up in Thor's cape and I think it was either Thor or Ironman that flew her to the hospital. At the end at the hospital there was a slight hint of Clint/Darcy too. I'm pretty sure I read it on AO3.

I've been looking for this for ages so any help will be greatly appreciated!


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