Jan. 8th, 2016

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I'm looking for something I read a while ago. The city (country? world?) was taken over and the Avengers had to go into hiding in an effort to build up a resistance movement. This story was unique in that Loki was on Earth during the take over and somehow couldn't get off-planet so reluctantly he joined forces with the resistance. No one really liked him or trusted him and he was pretty disdainful all the time of the movement.

The one scene I remember is taking place during meal time or a party and Loki is sitting by himself so Tony, I think, tries to strike up a conversation with him much to his surprise, pleasure, humiliation, disdain.

It was probably a Tony/Steve story knowing me - or could be gen but not Tony/Loki.

Does this cound familiar to anyone at all?
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I'm desperate to read a fic that has been searched for in two other posts on different journals- and I thought maybe this amazing community might have the answer :)

This is the original description-

The Team are celebrating Steve's birthday and Tony is late. The rest of the team starts to put Tony down (I can't remember the exact way but it was along the lines of him obviously not caring about Steve or the team, that he was untrustworthy etc) and then they hear a noise.

They go to the door to find a present sitting by the door (To Steve, From Tony) and the team starts to feel guilty and wonder aloud if Tony heard what they were saying, to which JARVIS replies (in a way that implies his anger) that he had.


Anyone find this familiar?



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