Jan. 5th, 2016

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I'm still trying to find the story where Steve is so happy to have Bucky back that he includes him every date with Tony, who understands and lets it slide at first.  But whenever he tries to get some alone time with his lover, Steve hauls Bucky along with them (which is not romantic in the least).  And when Steve talks about two of them...say, taking in a baseball game, he means his friend, not his lover (husband?).  At one point Steve chides Tony for his hostile attitude toward Bucky, not seeing that it's only in response to Bucky's hostility toward Tony, and the nasty glares he been sending him whenever Tony comes around.

Anybody know this one?  I've been searching for a couple weeks and can't relocate it.  Help.
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I want fics that will cause me pain they're so angsty.

I want Tony to be depressed, suicidal, insecure, abused, have PTSD, any type of mental disorder honestly, eating disorder, heart condition/arc reactor, panic attacks, dying, fics where he is cheated on, any form of him not okay. I want it. I just want him to be hurt.

Any pairing but preferably Steve/Tony or no pairing.

Happy ending is not required.
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Hi I'm looking for a specific story. Main characters were Tony and Loki. The only scene I remember is when Tony and Loki make it back from some where in space and Loki kept Tony alive by using his magic as an electro magnet when (I think it's it's the Chitauri) take it out. They've been gone for a while. When the come back they are really protective of each other. They both have weapons, knives, and are able to use them well.
It isn't Bend Around the Wind


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